Wednesday, August 24, 2016


A story that STARTED HERE ON TKC now earns a rare admission from City Hall of an ongoing problem.

Here's the word . . .

City Hall Seyz: "We know that many residents have been concerned about delayed trash/recycling collection the past several weeks and we want to update you on the situation.

"We expect our vendor to fulfill the terms of tis contract and we are working with them to monitor their work and to notify residents when we know they are falling behind. Recent work by Town & Country, now owned by WCA Waste Corp., has clearly fallen short of expectations due to that company's staffing issues.

"WCA has told the city that since it bought Town & Country, it has had to replace a large number of drivers who were not properly licensed and trained. WCA expects to complete that process in approximately two weeks.

"The City Of Kansas City apologizes for the problems with Trash and recycling collections, and wants to assure our residents that we will resolve these problems as soon as possible. When crews are running late, residents should leave trash bags at the curb rather than bringing them inside, as the crews ahve been working evenings and weekends to get caught up."

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Anonymous said...

what about the owner has to go out and clean up the ripped bags that dogs visit thur the night if the home owner dont the trash just blows in the neighbor are they going to start picking it up

Anonymous said...

We've had great service in Waldo from Town and Country until recently. They'd make one pass through the 'hood, picking up both trash and recyclables at the same time. For some reason it seems to take two different trucks now.

The guy we used to have was great. He'd put the recycle bin to the side of the drive. The ones we have now seem to think it's smart to put the bin in the drive, so people will have to get out of their cars to move the bin before they can get into (or out of) their drive.

As far as the drug tests go, maybe it's time for this country to let people alone when they're off the job. True we don't want incapacitated people driving garbage trucks, but people who smoke dope on their own time are not necessarily incapacitated all the time.

Anonymous said...

The day the city provides regular, consistent basic services without excuses and propoganda, is the day the earth will be no more. This is the worth run city in America. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT'S John Murphy for calling WCAmedica in Australia, talking to the top management and creating a road to recovery. See the Trash Talk article on CFRG'S FACEBOOK page. Murphy's action exposed the problem on two
Local TV stations. Great job Murph!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor city. They get a pass on this one. You gotta feel sorry for the city. They try but suck. Please, another pass card.