Friday, August 26, 2016


Here's the latest from Kansas City transit advocate Clay Chastain who not only fights for his light rail proposal but also crusades against social media trash talk.

Here's the e-mail he sent our way promising a courtroom show down.


Clay Chastain...Anne Hodgdon's Attorney, Todd Graves, seeks to overturn court ruling

Wealthy socialite Anne Hodgdon and her high-powered and wealthy Attorney, Todd Graves, are at it again after losing (Aug.15 ruling) their legal attempt to have my defamation case against Hodgdon thrown out of the United States District Court for the District of Kansas.

Not only does Hodgdon's false and malicious accusation (that 20-years ago I sexually assaulted if not attempted to rape her and then chased after her down the street "enraged and screaming like a madman" intent on physically harming her) not add up in the slightest, but there is also plenty of "extrinsic evidence" to prove she published her Facebook post knowing it was false and is thus guilty of "actual malice."

Graves reacted to the federal judge's decision in the Topeka Capital-Journal newspaper on Aug.23 where he said, "the court was required to give Chastain the benefit of the doubt at this stage."

Then why, Mr. Graves, did you file your motion to have the case dismissed to begin with? And why Mr. Graves are you filing a new motion asking the court to throw out (reconsider) the motion you just said they should have granted?

Our nation's Chief Justice, John Roberts, recently lamented that the U.S.Federal Court System is getting bogged down and unable to mete out justice in a timely fashion because, in large part, many attorneys are flooding the courts with numerous and vacuous pleadings designed to delay justice, wear down opponents, soak their clients, bamboozle and mislead judges, and otherwise abuse the United States Federal Court System.

It appears Attorney Todd Graves may be exemplary of Robert's concern.

P.S. Look for my legal response (again pro-se) to Graves' legal trickery early next week.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

I may not always agree with Clay Chastain but I will say that he's obviously under attack from the Mayor's office and all of their friends. It's a shame that more people don't see it. It's a coordinated effort to try to keep him down but as usual they didn't realize that it would just piss him off.

Anonymous said...

Now that is a hot date when you're still fighting about it 20 years later.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the Kansas City circus, buy a ticket and you get to party with corporate lawyers and possibly bang a female "power player"

Good fun all around.

Jobu said...

I wonder how much she's going to have to pay Clay, will he donate that to his light rail fund?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you haven't heard about the dozen or so witnesses for the plaintiff who, under oath, will testify about Clay using that "transit sketches" line, his inappropriate behavior, his lecherous conduct.

I heard they have already found the Blond Watermelon and deposed her!

Tony you ought to do your homework. Your hero Clay is about to crash pretty hard and we're all gonna be there with popcorn.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Shut up Todd.

Anonymous said...

Clay is going to get Cosby'd!

Anonymous said...

The only thing he is proving is that women are a pain in the ass and need to be pit in their place. When equality comes with equal social burden then we can talk. Until them bitch shut up and get in the kitchen where you belong.

All of kcmo said...

Best thing for Clay maniac to do is stfu. He is a known madman. He is running down the Internet screaming and hollering.
Hey fuck head, why you snatching at a defeat when you have thus far won?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha he can only get the Topeka paper to pay attention.

PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEE I'M CLAY CHASTAIN AND hey nice rack there sugar what's your name, darlin'?

Super Dave said...

Anne Hodgdon's attempt at discrediting Clay was all a political attack, and lets face it most of us know that.

What I want to know, is who really put her up to it. I really can't believe she just up on her own started this ruckus thinking, I'm going to get this prick.

I'm a person that's not convinced yet the light rail is a great idea per say, but I as well think it's wrong that Clay was attacked this way at th time he was over something that happened 20 years ago based on only what she says.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Truth.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Stupor Dave you're defending someone who is basically a pervert and everyone treats like a sex offender.

It reminds me of something I told you at the Country Club:

"Hey get me a fresh towel, boy."

Remember that?

Words to live by.

Anonymous said...

Look 4:35, you have not the faintest idea what Dave does for a living. I can also tell you're about as low class as they come. To bad a degenerate like you will never be inside a true country club, because you would never pass the admissions background check. Maybe the thugs running around the "Country Club" Plaza will let you join them.

Anonymous said...

Chastain: Love him or hate him

In this case, his golden parachute magically opened when some stupid vain woman who married into money unwisely decided to inject herself into silly KC politics.

Prediction: Chastain walks away with $200K and a promise not to further discuss it. Clay wins!

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows Stupor Dave was a towel boy or butt picker or lunchroom attendant, some menial job at a country club, which also probably means he's a negro and therefore has lower brain capacity and functionality which is why he gets on here and says unintelligible garbage that we all laugh at and can safely ignore without consequences.

Clear? Or do you need me to draw you a fucking diagram?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^How about you finding the door and leaving!

Anonymous said...

Clay is a piece of trash in my opinion, and he IS going to lose big time.
I guarantee it, and will back it up with my checkbook........
How fitting, a lecherous loser loses........

Anonymous said...

Your the only piece of shit I see clown. Talking out your ass and predicting the o0utcome of a case you don't know jack shit about. Shut the fuck up and do your chores before mommy bitch slaps your ass.