Monday, August 01, 2016

Kansas City Summer Crime Spike Roundup

Photo reference of the greatest movie of all time . . . And here are Kansas City crime links worth a mention right now . . . From white collar crime to urban core violence and the suburban scams . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Neighborhood Crime Spree
Thieves hit Waldo man for 2nd time in a week
Golden Ghetto Car Crime Suspects
Overland Park police seek to identify persons of interest in auto burglary investigation
Fear The KCK Killing Fields
A bloody July for Kansas City, Kan., with 6 homicides
Local Ladies Unsafe
Police seek pair after woman, daughter mugged in northeast KC
JoCo Tax Scam Captured
Lenexa Man Pleads Guilty to Impersonating IRS Employee - WIBW News Now!
Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

What were those four teenbopper suburban ho's arrested for?

Anonymous said...

college babes on spring break. FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

Their playcation ended in cuffs.

Anonymous said...


The Daisy-Chain Gang!!!

Dayton said...

Crime everyday from a certain segment of the united states demographic

Hyperblogal said...

16th and Oakley is not Northeast.

Anonymous said...

not that relevant..Northeast is still a shit hole and if you cant be honest with yourself about that fact,you are in denial or just dumb

Bob said...

Or know a lot more about it than Anon 9:59.