Friday, August 26, 2016

Kansas City Remains Corporate Welfare Ground Zero As Budget Busting Economic Border War Continues . . .

Remember that Missouri was first to claim that it ended the so-called "Border War" with Kansas . . . And then, as his poll numbers dropped Gov. Brownback attempted a peace offering that was rebuffed. It's pretty much a never ending back and forth battle of big money tax breaks with small biz and residents paying the price while politicos use tax incentive gamesmanship to their advantage. Here's the the newspaper's call to action that overlooks that fact that Mayor Sly James and his administration are also using the same kind of incentive policy to give favor to big companies over small biz: End the economic border war that is wasting KC area taxpayers' dollars

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Anonymous said...

What is most amazing are the local yokel spin doctors who proclaim how Kansas lost, as the state proportionately kicks our ass in terms of relevant worker, agriculture and business productivity.

Although it is true that the state can increase its tax revenue, in terms of actual dollars KS is shipping out relational product in volume that leaves Missouri in the dust. Could it be that Missouri should reduce or eliminate entitlements and start expecting productivity and achievement?