Friday, August 05, 2016


Just a brief midday reality check is in order amid so much local debate, increased violence and the horrible election season . . .


The news found its way across the ocean even if the Kansas City print media ignored it:

Daily Mail: 'He just murdered my dog!': Woman's beloved pet shot dead by police who came to her doorstep with no explanation

And all the horrible online news sites, even worse than this one:

AOL News: Woman says police shot her dog for no reason

The story that started the tumult . . .

Fox4: Northland woman says officers had no reason to shoot, kill her dog

This is important because it puts cowtown life in perspective along with the rage of so many Conservatives and Social Justice Warriors . . .

From homeless without food, to police rage and then a local robbery spree . . . For better or worse and maybe it's a redeeming middle-class characteristic: The only thing that really gets people mad is cruelty to animals.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

So, some white trash people are fighting, neighbor calls police. They show up and the homeowner releases the pitbull on the police.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dogs lives matter.

Anonymous said...

One less pitbull?

Sounds good to me.

Public Trust said...

Dear KCPD: Don't shoot my dog!

Anonymous said...

Public Trust - restrain your dog so he doesn't charge the police, and he won't be shot. I love my 2 dogs like my own kids, but that lady is responsible for her dog's death, not the cops.

Anonymous said...

Oh that poor Negro Terrier.

Anonymous said...

the dog was not pit bull.he was a fouteen year old half boxer,half who knows.

the cops were at the wrong house,with guns already

the cowardly cop shot once ,missing the clearly terrified dog,as he retreated,almost back into the home the cop shoots again.totally unwarrented ,needlessly to kill the dog

its clear as day,the cop murdered the dog who was in full-retreat-mode,almost back in the house.

it was a stupid ,cowardly,dangerous shot to take.the other officer standing so close by and the woman so close ,a well. aside from the nedless killing of the dog.

being a cop ,he would surely know about ricochets from shooting so closely to a goddamn open front door,SURELY he would.

i am pro LEO,not particularly a dog or pet lover but what he did was WRONG from the very beginning of knocking on these peoples door, to the very end when he decided to kill their pet

its a wonder no humans were killed during this extreme case of cowboy cops,with weapons drawn for a noise complaint!!

this dude needs to take a seat for awhile,with a shrink and his superiors .he needs some time off ,more training and if he cant lose the mean streak that he obviously has.he needs to be fired,before he shoots and kills a HUMAN BEING in the back who is running AWAY from him and poses NO THREAT to him or anyone else!!

this cop is the reason why some people absolutly hate cops..i know damn well not all cops are so grossly negligent,in going about their everyday job, that they have a blood lust to kill something..anything.

in short,to this "officer", i say: fuck you ,pig! you are not helping out your fellow officers in this time of great are making it worse,probably everyday that you work. you give these idiots the excuse that they are looking for to do terrible shit ,get on the news and keep their stupid movements alive..

you are puting other police officers .all over America in danger..all because you are a failure and shoulden't have a badge and gun..i hope you are relieved of both,ASAP

Anonymous said...

In the picture which one is the dog?

Anonymous said...

Democrat union cops gone wild

Anonymous said...

Tony, can you please come up with this officer's name and badge # ?
this cock sucker needs some retribution.losing his job and being sued will suffice,
for now

Anonymous said...

Dogs Lives Matter ......a hell of a lot more~!

Anonymous said...

being a cop must suck.
drunk rednecks with guns
niggers with guns
dogs ready to bite.
i don't blame them for drawing their gun.
what a stupid stupid bitch (the lady...not the dog)

Anonymous said...

All personell associated with this police department and their families should be systematically and covertly hunted and tortured and killed.

Anonymous said...

Cops today will shoot anything with legs.
Did the dog not follow commands?
Did he resist arrest?
Did they yell as they breaking his paws... "Stop resisting" ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the lady bought her home and property so the cops could come out snooping around at night and shoot her damn dog. You can watch that video 100 times and at the point that dog was killed not an honest man alive could say he would be in fear of his life and/or safety. Lets quit using PC PR line while trying to stuff ten pounds of bullshit into a five pound bag. The cop stepped on his pecker. Supporting this kind of behavior will eventually come back to bite you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Forte is right a lot of Police need training.