Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kansas City Playwright Pens Perspective Examining Controversy & KCPD Parallel Lines

A pleasant Kansas City public TV op/ed weighs in on an issue after the fact but it's a perspective from a playwright worthy of consideration . . . Here's the money line:

 "And that’s where (KCPD Chief) Forté, who is African-American, came down on one side of the parallel universe — where his views were perceived as more in alignment with Black Lives Matter than All Lives Matter/Police Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter. In other words, he was supposed to see the issue of black men being disproportionately killed by police from the vantage point of one parallel universe, and instead he was seeing it from the other."

Read more: Commentary | Standing in the Universe of our Police Chief


http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/12/upshot/surprising-new-evidence-shows-bias-in-police-use-of-force-but-not-in-shootings.html?_r=0 said...

What a fuckin lie. This is the same line of shit that the President keeps ramming down our collective throats by way of his Liberal Media PR Bureau.

here is the truth, that even the fuckin NY Times had to admit.


Jeffrey McDonald said...

Not to mention, the outrageous level of criminality amongst blacks draws police to black neighborhoods.

Jesus what a load of Orwellian shit we are supposed to just believe from these liars.

I am still dead, in a Black On White Hate Crime that no one remembers.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Playwright"?? Is that a joke and who gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

The crime in the city is addressed by putting resources in the city. Adding police officers to a violent portion of the community increases the chances for violent confrontations. Ovet 80 percent of the department's patrol officers are in the urban core. If the chief really believed his bullshit he would assign officers to the zones by population. He won't, he speaks for only one small segment of this city.

This whole bullshit narrative was fabricated. Forte bought into it. He has lost support of the department, and is quickly losing the neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Well...that article is a load of crap. How bout she read Heather MacDonald's new book The War on Cops which draws on actual FACT and statistical analysis instead of a movement (BLM) that's predicated on a like that the Obama Justice Department eviscerated repeatedly. This is just another Libtard spewing rhetoric instead of attempting to actually solve the problem. No surprise she wrote for the left-leaning Kansas City Star. And Playright? Well THAT certainly gives her some credibility in this area. Oh, wait. Just because she's Black makes her an expert on this subject matter. Keerist. Get a freakin life.

Anonymous said...

She's the best. Try opening your minds, dudes!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ Agreed.

Anonymous said...

BLM is the biggest scam going.
Loot and Arson club.