Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kansas City Gunshot Deadly Crash Aftermath

Linked last night . . . Here's the latest update on urban core chaos in Kansas City: One dead, one shooting victim found in multi-vehicle wreck on 63rd, Prospect


Anonymous said...

No mention of the ministry student robbed and beaten by 10-12 19 year old "teens" as the news called them last night? Would have been a perfect time for a ccw to think the herd. Oh yeah, this was at Winsteads on the Plaza Saturday night. There was a cop inside who never noticed the beating occurring in the parking lot. By the time someone told him he couldn't catch them as they took off running. The guy of course forgave them. He should have shot them. I would say 12 on 2 calls for that. That is what black people do. The next time I see a black person fight fair will be the first time. Time for a Bernard Goetz happening.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't give a crap, neither do I.

Anonymous said...