Friday, August 26, 2016


Here's the most important news for Friday afternoon with help from hottie Kelly Brook demonstrating the versatility of her new kicks as we provide our blog community with something to do besides watch the clock.


Kansas City Drug War Crackdown
19 arrested after police crack down on drugs, violent crimes
Today's Confrontation Aftermath
U.S. Marshals Office arrests Gregory Andrews, alleged sex offender involved in KCK standoff
Calling Out MCI Convenience
KCI Airport establishes closer cellphone parking lot for those picking up passengers
Check Cowtown Tech Tunes
KC-made card game Mixtape makes a 'soundtrack for your life'
Help Find This Lady!!!
Overland Park police asking for help finding woman who has been missing nearly a week
Kansas City Question For The Ages
Are the Chiefs boring?
Local Good Deeds Celebrated At City Hall
Kansas City honors Sisters' Circle for community impact
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

"19 arrested after police crack down on drugs, violent crimes"

This is why trying to pass a city ordinance on marijuana is bullshit. The sheriff can and will walk into the city and make drug cases any time he wishes. As demonstrated in this case he has the statutory authority to do it.

Anonymous said...


Kelly uses just the right amount of suction to keep my private space clean!!!

Anonymous said...

they all look like Degenerate Ba'Foons !!!!

Anonymous said...

tony ! you really have a thing for white british girls who have been fucked by niggers ! don't you ? ! lol !