Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Kansas City Faith Blogging Against Controversial Muslim Deportation Chatter

Bill Tammeus is Kansas City's preeminent faith writer and his latest post takes on the sordid topic of alleged religious persecution and immigration . . . His take is certainly more informed than anything that would be scribbled here but not so long ago our many of our Muslim friends looked down upon Latino immigrants in the debate over immigration AND NOW when they face so-called persecution amid a global "war of terror" or whatever it's interesting that they want to align themselves that's armed only with leaf blowers and mops . . . You decide . . . A radical proposal to deport Muslims: 8-9-16


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I'm always amazed how liberal paranoia never ends. Somehow saying we should stop letting people in from countries that are rife with terrorism has become deporting American citizens
And by the way, how can preacher preach about the live of Jesus and support people who advocate for abortion?

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent column, thank you for linking it Tk