Monday, August 15, 2016

Kansas City Comic-Con Seen Across The Pond

Here's a bit of proof that "local news" has become a thing of the past . . . Check this review of a Kansas City costume cosplay tradition picked up by International media and this Brit paper: We're not in Kansas any more! Cosplayers at Kansas City Comic-Con


Anonymous said...

I've never had a blog. Lol.

chuck said...

Re institute the Draft.

Anonymous said...

Grown people sucking up comic books. Can't wait to see what super hero they try to run for POTUS.

Colton said...

Just to be fair, while the website that ran these is UK based, I'm Kansas City based. Local press totally exists, we just have to outsource our talents at times :)

Sincerely the photographer who took these,

Colt Coan