Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kansas City Catholic School Kick-Off Mass

As a bad Catholic, this'll be the closes TKC gets to Church today but it's worth noting if only because broke-ass Catholic schools have higher graduation rates, better test scores and far fewer in-school beat downs than KCPS without enjoying MILLIONS worth of funding . . . And only a few molestation-y incidents that don't come to light till years later.

Here's a much more optimistic outlook on the start of another Catholic School year in Kansas City.

Catholic Key: Mass of the Holy Spirit kicks off new school year

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In his homily, Bishop Johnston noted that the Holy Spirit makes all things new. Thus as teachers, administrators, students and their families prepare for a new school year, “it’s fitting that we do so with a Mass of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent to make God present and active in us; and in a real sense to make things new again … to bring things back to life … to renew and change us.”

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