Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kansas City Border War Continues . . .

Dead Tree Media roundup article of what most readers already knew . . . The battle over incentives continues . . . Kansas continues trying to bring Missouri businesses across state line
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Important Kauffman Consideration: In the Border War of tax incentives, states—and small business—lose

And so, Kansas City remains ground zero for a battle that mostly hurts local, the job market and small biz.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone knows this isn't a small business friendly town. Loss in revenue all around.

Anonymous said...

The role of government isn't economic growth and jobs.
It's to work to provide environments attractive to and supportive of residents, businesses, and visitors.
Like safe neighborhoods, common sense zoning, reasonable and understandable business regulations, affordable utilities, well-maintained infrastructure, dependable trash pick-up, and all the other things that we take for granted in a First World country.
And the greater the use of "incentives", which consist of tax breaks, TIFs, and outright subsidies, the less public money there is available to provide those services and create that healthy environment. And uses various levels of government to push more income toward the top one percent.
The "economic growth and jobs" scam is the biggest lie ever foisted on the American public.
And if you think it's not going to continue, just listen to all the politicos running for office.

Anonymous said...

The Kauffman Foundation has been perceived as a big business, big government creature. For them to admit the failure of business subsidies is big.

Anonymous said...

NPR Focus: Tug Job: Kansas City Businesses Yanked By Kansas

Anonymous said...

Actually Missourians get a one percent pay raise every time a business leaves KCMO and moves across the state line. Thanks for looking out for us Kansas.