Saturday, August 13, 2016


A triple shooting this morning raises the murder count in Kansas City once again.

The count . . .

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"When they arrived, they found three victims all under the age of 16. Two victims, an 8- and 9-year-old boy, died from their injuries. The other victim, a 16-year-old girl is in an area hospital."

Again, this is important because the focus this year has been on politics and transit while very little, if any, attention has been given to fighting the rising murder count and crime in Kansas City. This upstick in murder comes as police take a hit to their budget and fewer officers are on the streets.

Read more:

KCTV5: Shooting leaves 2 boys dead, sends girl to hospital

KMBC: 2 children killed in Kansas City shooting

KSHB: Three shot in house overnight

Fox4: 2 children killed, 1 teen injured in Friday night shooting in Kansas City

If you know anything about the incident, please call the TIPS hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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Anonymous said...

Well where's all the protesting, marching, the rioting, the shooting, blocking streets and highways, blaming whitey, blaming police. I thought the black community would be really upset over their own kids being shot. Guess not so much. Black lies matter.

Anonymous said...

We need to focus on these people on individuals not as just numbers.

Tony, instead try posting their names instead of just the numbers. that would be more effective.

Anonymous said...

And people still support the police chief?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Get everybody under the age if 18 out of kc if you want them to survive to adulthood

Anonymous said...

How's that Change and Hope working out?

Anonymous said...

Yet the KC News media is STILL carrying on about the headless white kid. It's blatant racism on display with our local TV talking heads. Shame!

Anonymous said...

Any word from sly,forte,tech's,Alonzo,community leaders,any of em

It seems the black cuture is morally and spiritually BANKRUPT.

Any black leaders,like. Oh,the first black president of the United states saying ANYTHING about the situation that is so horrifically obvious to the entire world??

They're ALL sick,mentally ill. Al , Jesse ,you gonna do something..ANYTHING???

Chuck is correct.They don't want it to end..fuck it.why should I care..Oh.wait a sec,,because I'm human,I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter didumt c nuffin.

mommylinda said...

I sigh, and my heart just weeps. A true judge of the character of our society is how we treat our most helpless citizens, which includes children and the elderly. What does this say about us? I am white and live in JoCo, I didn't kill them. But I feel as though I am tolerating this needlessly. I wish I knew what to do. Attending vigils and prayer services just isn't doing it. Supporting those in authority -- our elected officials and police -- isn't doing anything. I am sure that there are people in the neighborhood who know exactly who did this, and I expect retaliation -- so more killings. It just never ends, and I am sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these fuc..IMG Groinds are caught soon & hung up by the nuts until they slowly bleed out and die a slow & painful death !!!!!!!

N. R. Aimes, True American said...

This would not have happened if the victims had simply armed themselves. Once again, this proves the point that everyone, regardless of age should own at least 5 fire arms. (to start)

a few generations removed from the dark continent said...

Black Lives Matter, and shit like that though

Anonymous said...

What ? No description of these douchebag pieces of shit ? Gotta be GROIDS ! ! Or Amish

mommylinda said...

Hey N R Aimes, True American -- regarding you 6:03 PM comment, these were CHILDREN. The little girl was a teenager, and the two little boys who died were little kids. I am pro-gun, but I am not willing to give 6 and 8 year olds guns. They were VICTIMS, not perpetrators. They had no ability to retaliate.

Anonymous said...

Build a police station. That will solve everything.

Anonymous said...

Well just stay in JoCo

Anonymous said...

Don't forget free pizza

chuck said...

Let us all hear the comments from "BLack Lives Matter". Oh, that is right, white people didn't kill these kids.

Fuck you BLM cocksuckers and fuck you Emmalual Cleaver, and fuck you you scum suckin Al Sharpton fucks that make this inner city abattoir possible.

Let us make sure, we are categorically sure, why these kids died.

In America, the election of lickspittle Democrats who preach the bible of no hope, the bible of HATE WHITEY, who preach the bible of second partying blame, after TRILLIONS of dollars down the shitter are now, in charge of our lives.

Black death in the ghetto means nothing, if not co-opted into a narrative that HATES WHITE PEOPLE!

I love Louis Farrakhan. He ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH.

Louis Farrakhan does tell the truth.

Black Americans hate you white boy. Hate your fucking guts.

Anonymous said...

You live in a country where freedom is an illusion. Anger from the people is multiplied on top of normal angsty human behavior when citizens feel disenfranchised and mistreated. Giving literally everything to the top people, who then enact more policies to satisfy their endless thirst for money and power, just causes that wheel to spin out of control.

Not only do you live in a country where freedom is nothing more than a word, there is not one city in it equipped to handle major catastrophe, and it's likely coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Regulations keep getting ignored and companies do whatever they want with chemicals, well, then, the type of explosion Tianjin experienced? It will happen here. Keep sending soldiers overseas to exploit and kill Middle Eastern people, those people will grow in number and resentment. Global warming causing a Fort MacMurray fire situation in a major city? Absolute Armageddon for thousands, maybe millions of people.

The whole thing is a house of cards, it's not a matter of when mass tragedy will strike that makes man made tragedies like the 2008 housing crisis scam a picnic by comparison, it's when. And it very well could have a domino effect.

Anonymous said...

Baby Mama loses 2 Democrat welfare baby scams --

she's likely already getting "busy" -- to crank out a couple more

Anonymous said...

Killa City Baby, business as usual.

Jayton said...

Happens 6 times a year in kc, year by year, children don't get offed in liberty or o.p. like this

Anonymous said...

It happens in suburbia more than you think. Not long ago, an Internet CEO who lived in Minnetonka with a multi million dollar mansion woke up in the middle of the night, killed his three teenage children, his wife and himself. He let the dog live.

Many of the neighborhoods you think are safe are not. There is no such thing as safety and carrying a gun won't change that for you. You may think it will, but the odds are you'll never need it and if you do, it's not guaranteed to do you any good.

Anonymous said...

Let’s take in emphasis off revitalizing Downtown and put it on reducing violent crime.

Anonymous said...

Can the City use the real estate taxes they receive from all of the new development attributed to the streetcar to hire more policemen?

Anonymous said...

Well if they want to reduce violent crime, all they need do is the traditional method big city police and prosecutors do - fudge the numbers. For example, you can make the claim crime is down by simply lowering the conviction rate - how? Either ignore violent crime or make deals with the perpetrators so your conviction rate goes down...viola, less crime. On paper. Reality? That's another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

The police had to get a search warrant to enter the house because the family refused to cooperate. You read that correctly, the house the kids were shot in refused to let the police in so they had to get a search warrant. That about sums up black culture doesn't it? Black people are absolutely hopeless. Trillions thrown away trying to get them to live civilly. They simply can't be helped.

Bob said...

"A true judge of the character of our society is how we treat our most helpless citizens, which includes children and the elderly." Not that I buy that premise, but it seems to me that "we" treat our elderly (social security, medicare) and children (numerous government programs, assuming they've been born already) quite well. Don't confuse "us" with "them" (the scumbags who shot the kids).

Anonymous said...

8:37 x a bixillon

Anonymous said...

Your are one stupid shit

Anonymous said...

good thread tony, lol

Anonymous said...

^^^^ STFU byron .you pussy ass anon mother fucker..go die somewhwere, you sorry ass excuse for a fuckin dog!!!

Anonymous said...

9:09 is byron^^^^

Anonymous said...

This city has no idea how bad it is, or how bad it's going to be. Every single violent crime statistic is up. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Zimmerman thinks he can beat the officers into submission. The chief has lost the officers. No amount of tweeting and station visits can change that. There are no leaders in headquarters and he rest of the commanders are too afraid to do a damn thing. Bring on an outside chief to fix this mess.

Anonymous said...

"Sly is outraged" reports one tv station. Why? He and the leaders of the black community are the problem. When the cops do their job they get beat up by the activists that say the cops over-react or are brutal to those they arrest.

If the black community leaders and activists would let the cops go into the neighborhoods and stop cars, stop and frisk and actually put people in jail without fear of reprisal from these same activists and so called leaders who complain when the cops DO THEIR JOB crime would actually decrease.

This has been proven time and again but the black leaders capitulate to complaints from the very people who are thrown in jail. Until the black community and the leaders of the black community come to the realization that the police are there to help it's not going to get crime reduced.

A perfect example of these activists was on display at the most recent police board meeting when they were bitching about the cops.

Who can blame the cops for doing only what is necessary, just wait until you don't have enough cops because all the good cops have bailed out for less stressful jobs.

Anonymous said...

There it is again, College Ave. The MLK of Kansas City. Think there might be a gang problem around there?

Anonymous said...

They(SLY and the gang) don't care. There is no legacy in making these peoples lives better.

Anonymous said...

Really sad to hear the family didn't cooperate. That is one of the main factors that keeps leading to these homicides. The "community" talks a good game but when it comes time to step up. The back way like cowards.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are wrong .

Anonymous said...

That's actually really common for the victims to refuse to allow the police to investigate forcing them to get a warrant. It's a pathetic culture that should be shunned in the media, entertainment industry and our community.

Creighton said...

8 11, white guys aren't riding thru opks pepper spraying black women jogging. White guys aren't shooting in Windows of other whites houses every week.theres a negro violence problem.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned to this page for violence at the Rock the Block Party. Why you would let that many black people near Union Station is beyond me. As I type this the news is showing a black woman shoplifting from a Brookside boutique while her kids distract the sales lady. This is black people, folks. This is what they teach their kids, that is if they have anything to do with their kids.

Anonymous said...

Just the latest in a long line of negro atrocities. They`re getting hard to keep track of. One that will always stick in my mind, which happened locally unfortunately, is the case of China Arnold.

Back in 2006, China got into an argument with her latest buck Terrell, over the paternity of her 28 day old daughter, Paris. To show her Terrell her displeasure, she put the baby in the microwave and cooked it for two minutes... One of her older children took it out of the microwave. Even tho the child was lifeless, she didn't take it to the hospital til the next day where it, mercifully, died.

After all that, ol` Terrell still lied for her in court claiming one of the neighbors kids did it. Thankfully, she got life without parole.

And this was just one among I`m sure tens of thousands of cases of TNB that will make your blood run cold, but gets lost in the sea of dysfunction.

stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

this is truly sad.

if a good faith, serious leadership were in place, there would be meaningful action to address the rolling tragedies.

it's as if everyone has accepted the situation as normal.

Anonymous said...

Quit calling it the "Rock the Clock". It's been renamed to the ""Clock the Glock" party.

Anonymous said...

Here's a plan to expel all third worlders (blacks, "refugees," etc.) from North America and Europe:

Phase I: cut off all their government payments (welfare, public housing, etc.). Provide free transport via government chartered airlines to the third world countries of their choice. Hopefully, this will get millions to self-remove and I am sure those third world countries will welcome all that black talent which "built America."

Phase II: after one year, any third worlders remaining in the Western world will have their doors kicked in by SWAT teams. They will be herded onto container ships and from there dumped onto the shores of any third world country white people choose--preferably those which have been bases for anti-Western terrorism.

Phase III: any future "refugee" boats headed towards Europe or North America would be treated as enemy invasion craft and dealt with appropriately by Western armed forces. Contracts could be given to salvage companies to recover metal from hulled ships to sell for scrap, thus financing the operation.

Not so difficult, and certainly the sort of thing our ancestors did for centuries to defend their territories. Time to live up to their memories!

Anonymous said...

Two more names to add to the list is all.










































Carassius (just kidding, Carassius is the scientific name for goldfish)

Anonymous said...

white folk know it ain't normalbut there comes a time when we have to throw our hands in the air and admit,we are whooped in our attempt to assimilate ad have them realize that they act like animals and need a serious cultural adjustment.

its a losing battle when the stupid mother fuckers want to believe people like Al and Jessie and the dope-ass rhymes coming from their shitty ass speakers,that glorify and encourage ,dicking down hoes and spraying mofo's down with ur mini-mac ten.

we need to quit trying.there is no hope of '"fixing" an entire race of young AND older people who are this hopelessly fucked that they actualy have more children ,ON PURPOSE,to get mo money from the government,but still hate the fuck out of us honky lipped,white devils,who are paying them!!!

fuck it .i have high blood pressure.i normally am a calm and cool guy,but thinking and knowing how badly these worthless negros fuck this country up a little more,every gets to me
my family is nothing but flaming libs .they think im fucked up because i dont like fuckin AL FUCKIN SHARPTON!! BELIVE IT.ITS TRUE..

if it weren't for TKC,no shit ,id probably tell em all to fuck off!

you cock sucking guilt ridden faggots can jump off a fuckin bridge for all i care.

i am thakful for this blog.honest to God,it helps me make it thru, someimes,and im thankful for our ability to come here and state our honest opinions.theres nowhere else like it.

Salute,Tony.let freedom ring!!! for as long as it can ...the day my freedom of speech is taken away,will be a very bad day,for a select group of misfits

lets hope it doesn't come to that,EVER.

Anonymous said...

There are no Black leaders. If there were, these kids would not be dead.

Anonymous said...

Another failure for KCPD.

Anonymous said...

This here, is some really funny shit!

chuck said...

Cue the "Institutional Racism is to blame" line of bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Check that comment. I am sure she is a very nice lady who votes Democrat and from afar (JoCo is a galaxy away from Missouri in terms of crime and day to day interactions with blacks.) thinks that it will all be ok, if we just sing Kumbaya and try to understand each other. Now that we have a black president, police chief and mayor, things will change.

Nothing changed, things got worse.

The ONLY thing blacks understand, is force of arms and superior firepower. THAT is what they will respect and not one other fucking goddamned thing.

mommylinda said...

Hey 5:41, if you are talking about me, I am a Republican, conservative, pro-life crazy. I have been a Republican committeewoman for years. I just cannot stand it that we are wasting human lives on the east side, and I dont see any solutions. These kids deserve better, but I dont know how to help them. My ideas are dismissed as racist and elitist. At this point, all I can do is make sure that my children and grandchildren are not part of the problem. Please do not dismiss me as a stupid JoCo Democrat. I am not, and I would really like to be part of the solution, even though I dont think I am part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

What time is the BLM march and blocking the highway today. Oh wait, they weren't killed by white cops?

Anonymous said...

There should be shoe factory, carpet mill and cabinet shop jobs available. We should make all of our televisions, phones and computers down to the component level. Use all the foreign aid and war machine budget to pay the young to sweep, mow and paint the blithe away. America first, nationalism is not dirty word.

American's Lives Matter

Anonymous said...

The Black male monster...there are no words.