Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kansas City Blogging Black Lives Matters

In a thoughtful personal essay, Kansas City blogger Leigh Ann reminds us why Why Black Lives Matters Matters.


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"What do we want? DEAD COPS!!! When do we want them? NOW!!!"

Shut the fuck up cunt.

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When the police keep killing unarmed black men, what did you think would happen?

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Only a Republican piece of shit would call a woman a cunt.

I hope you're not a police officer, though you're probably a fire fighter.

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Who is Leigh Ann Little?

Apparently, it's a woman from Independence, MO who feels guilty about her roots, upbringing, and friends. Through her writing she seeks to repudiate her "racist" surroundings and declare her innocence of any wrongdoing.

The fact that she has to go back in time to list instances of racial intolerance and ignorance, speak volumes. I was waiting for her to mention the Civil War and slavery!

One typically finds Ms. Little's attitude prevalent among one of two groups. The first are well-to-do liberals who spout a "can't we all just get along" rhetoric while they themselves don't mingle among the "people of color" masses. Since she lives in Independence, I'm guessing she's not in this first group. The second group, are working-class Pollyanna types who live, work, and socialize among the downtrodden, yet lack the reasoning to distinguish between those willing to earn their way versus those asking for "free stuff."

Why would someone who claims to be oppressed, choose to spend their time marching, chanting and protesting? Well, perhaps someone is paying them to do these things. We know that most of the protesters in Ferguson Missouri were non-residents, and that various Socialist Democrat groups were funding protesters across the country.

If you're a Black person who believes that "Black Lives Matter", the single best course of action to pursue is to get as much education as you can, work hard at a full-time job, support yourself and family, and stay out of trouble by obeying the law.

Leigh Ann Little inadvertently seeks to enable the bad behavior of others by regarding them as disadvantaged and in need of special treatment. That's wrong and it's discriminatory.

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Black lives DON'T matter...To anyone with an IQ over twelve.

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Black Lives Don't Matter.

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Her blog got attention and she's writing a book. Good luck with that.

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Quite Evident that - BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER,,, or else they wouldn't be out Killing & Murdering each other constantly and shooting little kids and murdering young black mothers in Drive by shootings huh ?????????

That Phrase Black Lives Matter is just BULLSHIT, its a ruse they use to be able to commit more Crimes and get by with it and to try to get the police and community to let them off the hook - so they can continue to commit more crimes and get by with it !!

That is what it really boils down to - too !!!

The entire Black Lives Matter organization is a total FRAUD, their as Phony as a 3 dollar bill !!!