Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kansas City Blogging American Diversity

There's nothing "new" about American Diversity but blogger Bill Tammeus offers this perspective on a faith community discovering the ongoing trend: Responding to our new American diversity: 8-16-16


chuck said...

"Crescent Of Peace" my ass.

The only "peace" that flourished under that flag, was one that followed the subjugation, murder and rape of various and sundry populations that have fell under the Scimitar wielded by 3rd world, honor killing, genital mutilating, pederast, catamite creating, Islamic fanatics since the year 711 to this very day.

The PEW Report, extensively polled 35,000 folks in the Mid East in Islamic countries and, WOW! 81% favored Sharia Law. Here in the US, where we let Taliban loving scum like Omar Mateens father in to breed little Islamic cockroaches, Muslims polled favored Sharia Law by 51%.

My guess is, that if you asked the US Muslims, the same question and they lived in the Mid East and not the US, that you would find the same 81% number in effect.

How fucked up, is it, that Billy T can call out the WHITE Timothy McVeigh and then intone the necessity of this organization, while glossing over 9/11. The fuckin guy actually uses 9/11 to justify the need for "The Crescent Of Peace". The assumption, for all of you Liberals with two defective brain cells to rub together, is that OF COURSE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE 9/11s AND MANY, MANY OTHER TERRORISTS ACTIONS, TAKEN BY THE VERY IRREDENTIST MUSLIM FUCKS WE CONTINUE TO IMPORT AT THE BEHEST OF DEMOCRATS WHO NEED THEIR VOTE, SO, WE CREATED THIS ORGANIZTION TO PROTECT OUR NEW DEMOCRAT ELECTORATE FROM THOSE FOLKS WHO DON'T WANT THEIR NEIGHBORS, CITES AND FAMILIES TO DIE IN THE INEVITABLE TERRORIST ATTACKS THAT ARE COMING.

The National, Liberal, Stockholm Syndrome that has infected those weak minded, flat liner Social Justice Warriors is in full effect.

The list of atrocities and attacks since Tim McVeigh, by Muslims is thousands and thousands, yet the Liberal Narrative would have you concentrate on a 25 year old attack.

Sound familiar dumbass?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Remember the age old question: why did the Jews of Europe walk into the gas chambers without a fight?
That's what democrats are doing now. Just as then, the democrats today don't believe they really mean it when they say they want to kill us

Anonymous said...

Islam is incompatible in every way to the West.

It is so obvious, but our leaders push us to the edge every chance they get.

Anonymous said...

Dis dude is a cracker!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bill. Your polite little columns where everything works out for the best. :)