Monday, August 08, 2016

Kansas City Blogger Political Correctness

Another EPIC post from one of our favorite Kansas City bloggers offers an important alternative perspective on an often maligned bit of courtesy despite Clint Eastwood's ramblings . . .

Uncommon Courage: In Praise of Political Correctness

Money line:

"These days "Political Correctness" receives a lot of flack. Clint Eastwood, a wealthy, famous, old white man decries our pursuit of political correctness. He pines for the America of his youth. Of course, the America of his youth included state sponsored racial segregation, married women who could not get credit cards in their own names, and the criminalization of inter-racial marriage. But, at that time, there was a certain group, of which Clint Eastwood is a member, in charge . . . "

READ THE WHOLE THING because there's some really great conclusions in the post especially on the topic of Internets tough guys and keyboard warriors who typically couldn't take any of what they dish out.

You decide . . .


chuck said...

The suppression of Free Speech, by way of job loss, social opprobrium and time spent in the "stocks" for any deviation from the Liberal Narrative, is just the Chinese Cultural Revolution that Progressives like Bratcher seek. A one party, Plutocratic, Oligarchy, Fascist in nature, replete with violence against those who don't toe the line, she is a willing soldier in the War On Whites.

Pushing back on this tyrannical and violent movement, inspires her to pen screeds against all that made the Occident Great. A lawyer who makes bank on hating the system and hating the people who made America the greatest country in the world, she picks at the scabs of our wounds and sucks the blood forthcoming.

This opinion piece, is an execrable example of the Liberal Narrative, that seeks to Socialize the results of Socialist/Liberal failure.

Bratcher has makes excuses for everyone from Islamic Terrorists to BLM Terrorists in the hopes that the American public will continue to believe ideologues like Obama and not their lying eyes.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Lynn Bitcher.

Bob said...

The author is completely wrong. Political correctness, more aptly called cultural Marxism, was a product of Marxist theoreticians such as Antonio Gramschi, Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School. They did not understand why the workers in Germany did not rise up in revolt as Marx had predicted. They concluded that the workers did not have the proper mental attitute to realize how downtrodden they were. So they came up with cultural Marxism (of course they could not call it that) as a way to confine public expression within Marxist approved parameters. People who think that the intent of "political correctness" is to make people be nice to each other, like this author, are historical ignoramuses.

Anonymous said...

Her mind is gone. She should quit blogging.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's just censorship by another name.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Chisholm. Make my day and do some homework.

JimBrodi said...

An interesting proposition, agrresigned that online tough guys are really sissies in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Damn this woman has flipped her lid

Anonymous said...


Lynne Bratcher is VERKLEMPT. Did she just watch a Clint Eastwood movie? Who knows, but something has set her off and she's all enraged at evil white men!!

Oh wait, I know what it is, she probably lost another case to an opposing attorney who just happens to be an older white male. Of course!! She's taken to her blog to vent her frustration at others, when in fact it's only redirected anger with her own performance. Chalk it up to human nature. Most people will point the finger at others, refusing to take personal responsibility, because it's the easy way and protects the ego.

Pardon me Ms. Bratcher, but you're insinuating that Clint Eastwood had something to do with "state sponsored racial segregation, married women who could not get credit cards in their own names, and the criminalization of inter-racial marriage"? Painting with extremely broad strokes aren't you? Geez!! How about if I write the following:

"Lynne Bratcher, a privileged well-to-do American attorney whose youth included the absence of military service, a Peace Corp deployment, or missionary work in a developing country." That's fair isn't it?

Ms. Bratcher calls for everyone to form a single-file line with matching school uniforms, appropriate hair length, no talking, no loud music, and definitely no chewing gum!!! You MUST CONFORM to the rules.

Uh....excuse me Ms. Bratcher, I know you're the teacher and everything ....but, ...... just a week or two ago, you were talking about growing up with your gay cousin, I think it was, and how you supported him unconditionally, and so I was wondering why you're being a hypocrite now? Today you're asking for us to follow your politically correct rules, which is a polite way of practicing censorship or group-think, and that's exactly the type of attitude which discriminates against and marginalizes those at the fringes of society. You know, people like the poor, the powerless, LGBT, religious minority groups, etc.

Ms. Bratcher, with respect, do you want to retract your statement?

Now this next point may not be politically correct, but it's the truth. A blogger who puts their thoughts out for public consumption, and then complains when everyone doesn't agree with them, might be called a shallow thinker in a deep pond.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great article, she makes a good point about civility which far to few people value nowadays.

Phil Cardarella said...

Actually, what annoys some of us about the extremes of political correctness is the attempt to insulate from anything unpleasant or controversial. Should college campuses be "safe places" form physical violence? Absolutely. Should they be "safe places" from controversial or unpleasant ideas that might offend? Absolutely not. If you do not want differing views, go to church, not university.

People who wish to live in a free society must simply be tough enough to function and compete in the marketplace of ideas. We cannot be the Land of the Free if we cannot be brave enough to stand up to different -- even offensive -- ideas.