Friday, August 12, 2016

Kansas City Activist Alonzo Washington Notes Caleb Schwab Funeral And Broken Promises

An insightful message from Mr. Washington reminds us of the consequences of irrational exuberance over risky tourist schemes.

Accordingly, today is Caleb Schwab's funeral and here are links that are just a bit brighter than so many deets regarding his tragic demise at Schlitterbahn. Checkit:

Time: Hundreds of people have raised more than $30,000 to help the family of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab, who was killed over the weekend while riding the world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City.

People: Water Park Victim Caleb Schwab Is In Heaven Enjoying 'Endless Amounts' of Chocolate Milk, Friend Says

KCUR: Memorial Service To Be Held Friday For Caleb Schwab

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Keep flailing away Tony. Somethings bound to stick.


Anonymous said...

Everyone in the media from top to bottom is trying capitalize on this kid's gruesome demise.

Anonymous said...

The kid doesn't matter. It's about getting clicks. Self promotion in Bonzo's case.

Anonymous said...

Well thank god the Pope, Bishop, almighty ordained priest of bullshit, Balonzo Washmachin, has graced Tony's blog with his brilliant and compassionate words. Only now could the story be complete. Of course the quextion remainbs, "What first hand knowledge does this clown have about anything surrounding the death of that kid"?

Super Dave said...

Nothing says MEME worse than Blozo trying to grasp attention from some poor kids death.

Anonymous said...

Schlitterbahn is a terrific example of why regulations are needed, despite what complete shitheads like Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach say. This is also the type of accident - more complete incompetence - that has all the elements needed to make sure a number of people follow it for years to come, and interest in it will grow and keep growing. It's unreasonable to assume that slide will ever open again after the events of Sunday.

Here's another example of why regulations are a good thing. Here's a guy who dealt with the band, Great White, in 2003. Their next show would not have the requirement of making sure regulations were followed. The Providence Fire Marshall had also been accepting bribes from club owners to overlook problems. Here's his story of dealing with Great White the night before:

Well guys, I'm a pyrotech. I have 2 rules. Rule #1 No one is allowed to get hurt on my shoot. Rule #2 Any questions revert back to rule #1.
I do indoor shoots. Lots of them, or at least I used to.

Great White tried to pull that shit off at a club here in Atlanta the night before. I got a call from the staff and went by to take a look see.
They had already wired it up and were ready to shoot without the permission of the club. They didn't say shit to management.
They were breaking all the rules.
1. Ceiling was too low from emission point, hot fallout would be deflected to persons in the front row.
2. Stage was carpeted (fuel)
3. Patrons were too close to emission point. (clothes are fuel)
4. No permit. No Fire Marshall to OK the shoot and be present during shoot.
5. No test fire was done.
6. Lack of extinguishers.

Needless to say we yanked it all down right before the show started and I kept the gerbs and the fire control box. I gave the FC back after the show but kept the gerbs I had stashed in an ammo box in my trunk. I still have them in the same box.

The band and their manager as well as the management of the Station were at fault. They broke every rule and a lot of people paid the price with their lives. It made me sick. By 5am the night of the fire I had messages on my cell. (bad news travels fast in our biz) The next day I had pictures of the carnage.
This could have been my clients club had I've not not gone nuts yelling "Not no, but Hell no!" and had the gear ripped down and confiscated. The band was pissed and threatening me (the 1911 badge on my side was concealed) I just told them they better chill or I'd hand the pyro over to the cop at the door and they could explain it all to the judge. So much for that. The show went on, they got paid and left town.
Fuck those guys, every one of them.

*First guy who says cool story bro can kiss my ass!

30 seconds after the effects were lit, the ceiling was on fire. Within 90 seconds the entire structure was engulfed in flames. Anyone still inside - and there were close to 500 people in a smallish club - after two minutes was almost certainly dead.

In the end, 89 people burned and suffocated to death in the flames of the building, 7 more would die outside in the parking lot, and 4 more at the hospital. All avoidable.

Just like what happened to Caleb Schwab, if the Legislature and asshole Governor Sam Brownback gave one shit about their constituents, or the owner / operators of Schlitterbahn hadn't built an unregulated death trap, and then proceeded to use fucking Velcro to hold people in while plummeting downward at close to 70 miles per hour.

Anonymous said...

I never liked great white after that stupid,unnecessary tragedy

chelle m said...

I am sorry for the family's loss and 10yrs old seems so young to leave this Earth. He and his family are in my prayers.

Bob said...

Let's just issue every person a bureaucrat to be with them constantly and regulate everything they do. Then we'll all live forever.

12:16, do you have any verifiable information that the ride was "unregulated" and a cogent argument that but for the lack of regulation the accident would not have occurred. I thought I read somewhere that the ride had been inspected within the last couple years.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad reflection on the state of Kansas that a government official is not paid enough to bury his own son without seeking handouts.

Anonymous said...

He was a white kid, so leave it alone, NIGGER.

Anonymous said...

Finger me daddy.

Anonymous said...

So no chance in hell the "last word" crowd will shut up long enough for the results of the investigation, huh?

Anonymous said...

Tell it to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Anonymous said...

4:28,why don't you go play somewhere else ?

or zip it..people like you are not allowed free speech

im contacting TKC CORPORATE office right now

see ya,loser

Anonymous said...

3:09 When bad things happen to good people, other good people rally to support and comfort them. Caleb's family is capable of the burial costs, and they didn't solicit anything. Gifted funds and other resources are meant to bring comfort to the family in honor of an innocent life taken, especially suddenly.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ well put and explained. i can only hope,and i think im correct,saying,3:09 was being sarcastic .

You fucker said...

What kind of knowledge do you have on situations with black people? You have none you just assume from a safe place... Coward ass cracker

You fucker said...

How about instant karma... Law makers make laws that take away freedom... When you play god, the real god will reach out and touch you... And it was free to those types... Tell me this out of thousands of people why him

Anonymous said...

why who,You Fucker? didn't quite get the gist of some parts of your post..can you plese respond back,and be more clear.

Anonymous said...

Blow-lonzo insightful? Hilarious. Who writes your material TB?