Monday, August 08, 2016

Jodie And The Kansas City News Link Study

Brit hotie Jodie Gasson inspires this quick review of some of the top Kansas City links today amid a mournful and cloudy Monday.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Blight Cleanup Presser
FOX 4 News on Twitter
Kansas City Summer Killing Charge
Man charged with murder in July 5 shooting near 83rd Terrace and Campbell
Local Lady Lookout Charge
KCK woman admits to casing, helping rob Stilwell bank
Kansas City Poodle Lady Killed
Kansas woman who sold variety of poodles found murdered; police want help from Kansas City customers
More Newsie Election Chatter
Statehouse Blend's Greatest Hits
Wasted Baseball Season Celebration
Sluggerrr jokes that he's taking the day off, yielding to the popular Praying Mantis
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Some PETA nut killed her.

Anonymous said...

Police shot her. She was in a pack of three poodles and the officers were in fear of their lives. They had no choice since they were out of dog biscuits.

Anonymous said...


Jodie keeps her breastsellers double-stacked!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like the city should be worryed about fixing city streets and things instead of worrying about some signs.