Monday, August 29, 2016

Jodie And Kansas City Links Tonight

Jodie Gasson hotness offers gives us a glimpse of her lingerie hotness and the latest styles from across the pond whilst we check some of the most important Kansas City news links today . . .

Kansas City Flood Aftermath
City and insurance agents weigh in on Friday's historic storm
Suburban High Roller Arrest
Man charged with trying to bribe troopers after Platte County traffic stop
Kansas City Balloon Party Bust
Vendors, customers fed up with Rhythm 'N Balloons organizers
Golden Ghetto Teachable Moment
Feds to investigate isolation room complaint at Olathe school
Show-Me Politicos Talking Pandemic
Blunt, McCaskill expect quick action on Zika when congressional recess ends next week
Sunflower State Slicing Resources
Another Round Of Cuts Could Hit Kansas Children's Cabinet Programs
Dead Tree Media Tourist Hype
Visit KC adds community outreach staff
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Anonymous said...


Jodie pines for the feeling of hardwood against her backside!!!

Super Dave said...

Why should a school be at fault if your special needs kid can't be handled.

I understand the need for places that kids with special needs to attend to get an education but maybe main stream schooling isn't the answer if the child has behavior issues.

To be honest this sound like a story of a mother that isn't able to come to grips with her sons conditions. Which I find sad since this as with any problems you have with your children if you can't accept whats happening, how can you ever see that your child does in fact gets the help they need.

Anonymous said...

Because teachers are supposed to be trained, & because no child should be thrown away regardless of what you think of their parents. The problem with special schools is that every child needs as close to a normal childhood as possible. You don't do that by sending them to special schools that might as well have a large sign on them that says, "Freaks go to school here. Approach with caution. These kids aren't normal".

You're a bully. You wouldn't understand, because people like you are the problem, not ever children.

The Truth of the Matter said...

Having any child sitting in a room that's disrupted by another child all the time isn't a normal childhood.

I suppose 10:30 is one of those parents that think all kids should get to play baseball rather they can or not.

Look Hillary lover we ain't all made the same. I worked at special needs school while in college for a while and trust me there are just certain kids who can't be around all the others. They scream, yell, do disgusting things with body fluids, and some just up and start beating up on others. That's not normal and those kids have no business being around or should normal kids be forced to be around them.

Anonymous said...

+1^^^^ more than you know.

Anonymous said...

More like SuperDave the Bully.

Anonymous said...

SD isn't being a bully what he says and 10:48 says are dead on the money in my book.

Here you idiots go read this written by a Autism Parent

Lot of good information and sharing on that blog. 10:30, learn before you open your cake hole

Anonymous said...

There are various spectrums on the autism wheel. It is more challenging as they get older. Pre-teen adolescence is a whole other ball game. Everything stops at 21 yrs. Their mentally may have not progressed or stabilized at a certain grade rather age/range. How do you incorporate them into day to day living. I've worked with persons with all kinds of abilities and disabilities. Even being part of that spectrum...

Anonymous said...

"Historic storm"?!?!?!?!

But meteorologist and POC activist leader Bryan "hates hipster bow ties but wears wooden glasses" Stalder says it rains like this 2-3 times a year and the streetcar is racissssssss! Thanks for looking out for all us little brown people, Bry-Bry, you fucking colonist.