Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hillary Clinton VP Candidate Tim Kaine Wants To Restart KU Vs. MU Border War

Political promises abound and this one attempts to get fanboys supporting the former 1st lady: Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine Wants To Restore "Border War" Rivalry " The Spun


Anonymous said...

Well it's always been in KU's court. MU wants to renew the game in football and basketball. But Bill Self had said he's not interested and no one knows if it could be a home and home in football or a regular game at Arrowhead.

Anyway it's up to KU and they don't want to do it.

Anonymous said...

Tigers left the Big 12 to scam more $$--while K U remained loyal to the Big 12.


-enjoy your new "rivalry" now with...Arkansas? LOL!

Muck Fizzou.

Anonymous said...

MU left for the best, most profitable conference in the NCAA's. The Big 12 is dying begging schools to join.

Yes, I enjoy having Florida, Georgia and Arkansas come to town every other year in football. And even KU fans will admit Kentucky > then KU in basketball.

KU should enjoy it's new "Rivalry" with Colorado St. Or is that Cincinnati, or BYU or West Virginia. It doesn't matter. What's your point again?

Anonymous said...

Told you so! Tim Kaine is NOT from Kansas City, Missouri or any other Kansas City. He is a native of the suburban, hypocritical so-called good-life in Overland Park. If this doesn't prove it, I don't know what will.

Anonymous said...

Of course he does, but KU doesn't want them back, MU should live with their decision

Anonymous said...

NOT a KU fan, but I have enjoyed watching Mizzou athletics spiral downward (along with enrollment and fan support) since they left the Big 12....oh wait, those SEC East championships are nothing more than winning the old Big 12 North, it means you are probably a top 25-35 team. Mizzou basketball is hilarious. Attendance at Mizzou basketball games is a joke. Mizzou needs the rivalry with KU, KU doesn't need the rivalry with Mizzou, and the KU athletic department and administrators knows it. They aren't throwing a life line to Mizzou anytime soon