Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Golden Ghetto Car Crime Spree Tuesday

Early morning reports reveal the Johnson County good life ruined by car crooks. Take a look: Police: 15 vehicle break-ins reported in Lenexa


Anonymous said...

Years ago, the middle class and the rich fled to Johnson County. Now the lowlifes are fleeing there too. If you wanted to break into a bunch of cars and steal stuff, where would you go? KCK, East Side KCMO or Joco? Just follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Help! Help!
I can't breathe! I can't breathe!

No one reminded me to breathe! Help me! I need help! What do I do? I can't breathe!

Every single one of these trash left their cars unlocked. Duplex living, crime inviting trash. They don't even have the sense to park in their garages.

I hope someone reminds them to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Yes more section 8 housing and the crime they bring with them.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the Partay Tay bitches.
how ya'll liking is ,so far?