Monday, August 08, 2016

Getting Back To The Kansas City Grind


Almost . . .

There's only one news story that matters this morning so we're not gonna front and pretend like everybody isn't going to spend all of Monday morning going over the gruesome deets and pretending to be all pious about it as they deride everybody else who is just as curious about the macabre details of one of the most tragic waterslide incidents in the nation . . .

Nevertheless . . . 

We start the morning with our favorite street photography shot from the weekend featuring Main St. hotties who seem kind young but certainly must've been of legal age because they were going into one of this town's most popular hip-hop clubs wearing not much and in a pretty good mood as they revealed a quick smile for Kansas City's worst blogger who was maneuvering an extra large pizza and camera phone whilst giggling.

Also, here's some of the links that don't involve someone getting their head cut off . . . 

Kansas City Training Day Coming Soon
Chiefs plan to use Nick Foles in preseason opener against Seahawks
KCK Justice Consideration
Evidence, witnesses cast doubt on Kansas man's life sentence
Show-Me Faith And Politics!!!
Catholic bishop to speak on 'Black Lives Matter'
Rock Chalk Voter Debate
The Future Of Kansas Voter Laws
Airport Report For Morning Travelers
Delta Air Lines flights grounded worldwide
Kansas City East Side Foodie News
Order Up | Mad Jack's on Troost's Po Jack
Kansas City Tourism Torched
Burnt End
We'll have more in just a bit and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

White bitches lookin ready. Know what I'm sayin?

Anonymous said...

Those butt cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Alex Smith is done in KC. He needs to be replaced.