Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fear The Kansas Brain Drain

While the Border War has companies fighting over jobs . . . The big picture is that recent grads don't want to stay in Kansas by an even greater percentage . . . Check this op/ed the next time somebody says that "flyover country" is still a myth: Editorial: Why are college graduates saying "goodbye" to Kansas?


Anonymous said...

"Editorial: Why are college graduates saying "goodbye" to Kansas?"

Because there isn't a PHD alive that knows jack shit about how to milk a cow or grow wheat.

Anonymous said...

New grads have always left Kansas because it's got only one county that even comes close to being a reasonable place to live and work, and the rest of it is just a crabgrass-infested shithole full of bible-thumping loons. Now that its state government is near bankruptcy, lots more than before are leaving. You find that hard to understand? You don't even believe it? You weren't one of the ones smart enough to leave.

Sham Brownquack said...

Most of those leaving are non believers. We call them heathens and the damned. They are not missed. If they were smart enough to form their own LLC and get rich with a MLM plan they would stay. As they are not that smart, they should watch that the door don't hit 'em where the good lord split 'em!

Kumbyahah and don't vote for any Kenyan Alinsky type dope smokers!