Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Emily Ratajkowski Hotness And The Soggy Kansas City Morning Link Pool!!!

Emily Ratajkowski and her rising star yet still humble hottie who kinda puts our small town style in perspective and inspires our early morning and this collection of Kansas City links. Take a look:

Kansas City Culture On Parade
Jazz Beat: The Charlie Parker Celebration wraps up this weekend
Tragic Testimony Across State Line
Widow of man found slain in KCK pleads for answers
Soggy Kansas City Morning Cont'd . . .
Rescue crews pull man from Missouri River
Kansas City Life Lesson Aftermath
Oak Park HS band director out after allegations of 'inappropriate communications' with former student
Kansas City Fast Food Rough Start
Car crashes into Wendy's at 31st and Main
Local Hateration Lawsuit
KC company accused of racial discrimination in two firings
Lesson In Local Fear
Gun found in student's backpack at North Kansas City High School
Kansas City Can't Drive
Northeast railroad bridge continues to stifle motorists
Late Season Surge Continues
Royals blank Marlins, extend winning streak to 9 straight
Legendary Kansas City Fashionista
Kansas City consignment shop owner closing doors after decades spent dressing customers
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Anonymous said...

That CVS truck is why drivers have to be drug tested all the time now. The driver has to be blind along as being a moron to not understand that their 13-6 rig isn't going to go under a 12' high overpass.

Jackass should have been jerked out of the rig and beat senseless right there in the road.

Anonymous said...

LOLZ, frosty

Anonymous said...

"Golden Ghetto Life Lesson Aftermath"

Does Tony knows where Oak Park HS is located at?

Anonymous said...

I don't think he cares!!!

Anonymous said...

"Oak Park HS band director out after allegations of 'inappropriate communications' with former student"

I don't care what kind of gay rights you have. It is improper to ask students to come blow your horn.

Anonymous said...

The expression of the Lone Negroe way in the back says it all about that photo and event. I SMH. ROFLMFAO. KC.