Saturday, August 06, 2016

Double Kansas City Gun Blasts Across Bridge

The nice part of town endures another tragic bit of gunfire amid increasing violence THROUGHOUT THE METRO amid this violence Summer. Take a peek: Gunfire sends two people to hospital, one with life-threatening injuries


Anonymous said...

Very nice.
Killa City is off to another gun filled crime weekend.

Anonymous said...

KC has turned into a crime ridden city and until parents are held accountable in the intercity it will never change

Anonymous said...

Poor writing, Tony. There is no longer any "nice part of town." A nice part of town is one where people do not get murdered.

What part of town is THAT? Tell me, please. I am not asking a rhetorical question here. The best you can offer is a couple parts of town where there are NOT AS MANY murders ... Ward Parkway. Brookside. Lower corpse count per annum is still not a "nice part of town." It is only a somewhat less dangerous part of town.

***Eye Roll*** said...

It must be all those broken windows on North Brighton, which by the way, has been streetscaped, widened and suburbanized. Daryl Forte really knows public policing.