Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It seems that Kansas City area water parks are the latest threat to local lives as crime rises around the metro and even youngsters seeking amusement aren't safe from tragedy.

Here's a roundup:

Of course the decapitation aboard Schlitterbahn Verr├╝ckt is the first tragedy to come to mind.

But let's not forget that this year a teen was shot inside Kansas City's Bay Water Park and the year before that a 14-year-old girl was MURDERED at the very same water park.

This year the "splash pad" in Overland Park and Super Splash USA in Raytown closed early for safety reasons and to avoid any mishaps.

And along the lines of waterbound death . . . The drowning in Shawnee claiming the life of a young person just last night deserves mention.

Sadly, all this Kansas City tragedy surrounding water recently brings to mind the legend of La Llorona . . .

The tale is tragic and contends that the sins of parents and ancestors live to haunt lives of youngsters to this day . . .

And while we reject superstitions while still respecting folk tales . . . There is no denying that Kansas City continues to drown in tragedy during this bloody Summer and water parks provide no respite from current tribulation.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

"Super Splash USA in Raytown closed early for safety reasons and to avoid any mishaps."

School started Monday in Raytown. Customers and employees went back to school. That's why it closed. It always closes when school starts.

Do you just make shit up - and I mean that, because you can't prove the above statement in any form - to fit your narrative, or is it, as many have speculated, pathological? Is there some dyscontrol present here?

Anonymous said...

That Raytown park probably won't open again. It's unsafe. They made the right call.

Anonymous said...

I think the more productive thing to mention here is that parents shouldn't assume that water parks are safe, that's the real lesson for this Summer.

Anonymous said...

The kid who died last night drowned in a pond.


Having known other pathological liars, I'd have to agree Tony is one. Follows all the same patterns. Chronicity, frequency, lack of an actual external they're all so out of proportion to the perceived benefit.

Just trying to generate more AWESOME BLOG COMMUNITY interaction for a dead kid.

Super duper.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ So, see you here tomorrow then?

Anonymous said...

Thanks doctor!

The Captain said...

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Anonymous said...

The tourist season is almost over! Don't tell me about sharks!!

Anonymous said...

Raytown's Super Splash is CLOSED indeterminate to any announced reopening as reported on ch. 5 @ 5pm.
The reasons stated are unsafe conditions due to unsafe electrical wiring, degraded surfaces, other maintenance and repair needed, added with excessive current costs of operations. A September meeting to discuss whether a proposed 1/8 cent sales tax hike could be brought to ballot was mentioned in this interview.

So, the CLOSING is not for those reasons cited above.

Anonymous said...


CLEAVAGE that will leave a your shorts!!!

Anonymous said...

well when you post and talk as much shit as tony does in one fucking day

people are bound to take notice of his frequent fuckups

especially when he's bee acting like such a cock

Aunt Bee said...

He's bee linking da news. You bee reading. Children please bee careful!

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