Friday, August 12, 2016

Craig Meets With Hypnotist This Weekend

Weekend plans from our pal Craig . . .

The Hypnotic Eye! Stanfords This Weekend

The number one question we all have is Hypnosis real. From what we have experienced over the years at the clubs is YES. Many of us can be hypnotized. This weekend is your chance. Hey besides watching the fun on stage, you in audience will be give the chance to be hypnotized by Vegas Hypnotist Rick Bultez. Rick has been doing shows and privates work for 18 years. He is one of the best out there today in his field.

He explains what he will do and then tests the audience members if they like to actually be put under. Hey here's your chance to lose weight or stop smoking. Perhaps just watch the fun of those he brings up on stage to do the show. Its both funny and amazing to be part of and see the 'magic' of hypnosis.

Over the years we have brought in the top names in doing these types of shows from 'The Sandman' and 'J Medicine Hat' to the current wizardry of Rick Bultez. Come out this weekend to see or be part of this experience. Friday and Saturday at 745 and 945 or Sunday at 7pm. Don't worry its safe! Call Stanfords located on 119th and Metcalf at 913 400 7500 or go online to We have great food in our restaurant next to the comedy theater, have dinner before any show. All under one roof.

Names you know coming late this summer include, Police Academy Star Michael Winslow, NBC's Biggest Loser star Carolyn Raye, and former KC guys who have gone national A.J. Finney and Mike Smith.


Anonymous said...

I know this is a good hypnotist because usually hypnotists only work the most upscale and exclusive Carnival cruise ships.

Thanks for yet another great act, Craig! I'll be watching your videos and subscribing to your podcast in addition to coming to the club.

Bo Sharkley
Westwood, KS

Anonymous said...

Tough times calls for any gimmick that works.

Anonymous said...

In his last week's "a maniac and his dogs", CG smacked those canines' craniums together. That's the last time...not watching ever again. Calm down, get help, try hypnosis or whatever, Gleezer. Animal abuse is so not cool.

Anonymous said...

Dear hypnotist...Please make CG shit in his Depends until there is no more bullshit left in his system.


JoCoPost said...

Breaking news:
next week, Craig meets onstage with a therapist!!!!

Personally, I love Craig's doggie videos. We all need a smile.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rick Bultez,
Please hypnotize Mr. Glazer and while he is under explain to him he is not a writer, so stop all this crap he thinks are stories anyone wants to see, that his so called club is the joke and not the comedians who he cons into coming there, and last but least have him upon awaking admit what a loser he really is, and how he did indeed call a women at Entercom a cunt, and how he has to pay huge amounts of money to women to have sex with him and the dogs.

Rick, also I am so sorry your career has reached a point you have to accept bookings like this to pay your bills. But I know sometimes a person has to do what they do till better times return.

Junior (the dog)
Serving time in a condo
Fairway, KS

Rog/Dogtown said...

Craig don't whats better the stories you write, your great youtube series with the pups or the haters who attack your ass. Man I'm with you brother. I've seen your babes out with you around the campus, KC, smoking hot. Truth is I'm 52, and I don't know anyone but you who can get those girls at your age over 50, wish I could. So fuck the haters Glaze. Go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

Rob Schneider at The Improve and you have this carnival side show, wacky sound effect guy,& a weight loss reality contestant. That's comedy right there.

Anonymous said...

11:05 is Glazer writing while in a rage over seeing the truth.

Anonymous said...

So basically a show on how Glazer gets dates?

David Rice said...

Craig as you have said my friend, HATERS ARE YOUR BIGGEST FANS. You sure havea bunch.

Anonymous said...

David Rice the phone answering guy, man you can't be any bigger loser than that

Anonymous said...

I love Craig...Barb.