Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Congressman Yoder Campaign Seyz Challenger 'Hand-Picked' By Rep. Pelosi

Campaign season starts with tough talk in JoCo and some familiar themes . . . Take a look:

Yoder Congratulates Pelosi

Washington Democrats' Hand-Picked Candidate Wins Nomination


Today, Congressman Kevin Yoder congratulated Minority Leader Nancy Pelsoi (sic) (D - San Francisco) on her hand-picked candidate winning the Democratic nomination for the Kansas Third Congressional District. Additionally, the Yoder for Congress campaign released an ad introducing Kansas voters to the liberal Clinton - Pelosi - Sidie agenda.

"Washington Democrats are celebrating their liberal candidate's victory. They believe they can trick Kansans into electing a man who supports Nancy Pelosi's liberal agenda of more taxes, more regulations, and more spending. The Third District knows better because voters know he has been called by Washington and not Kansas," Yoder for Congress Campaign Manager Cate Duerst said.


Anonymous said...

Some real creativity here.
Can we assume that the next Yoder tactic will be to cite "San Francisco values?
These campaigns act as though the voters get more stupid all the time, and unfortunately they're mostly right.
Where's Rowe when you need him to really throw some crap into the mix?

Anonymous said...

yoder is a career politician...end of story

Yodle-lady-who said...

Sez the DRUNK who refuses breathalizers and skinnydips in Israel, as a foreign agent. Amercans don't represent foreign powers... but traitors do.

Anonymous said...

Jay Seedy???