Friday, August 12, 2016

Celebrate New Kansas City Downtown Development Bubble Fiction Guidebook

Actually, this might be worth a peek if only because it has all been subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of BILLIONS and at the expense of every other Kansas City neighborhood.

This could be the greatest work of Kansas City fiction so far this Summer and possibly more captivating then that one novel about the lady soldiers who single-handedly won the ongoing war in Iraq.

Take a look: 

A new Downtown Council Resource Guide for 2016/17 is hot off the press, and is available from the Downtown Council for you to download digitally or to request in print.

The Resource Guide represents our efforts to deconstruct the traditional Annual Report, and present it to you as a more useful and flexible resource – a collection of maps, resources and informational papers to cover the wide range of the DTC work plan. This approach is designed to be a cost-effective way of presenting members, stakeholders, developers and residents with the information they need.

It is designed around a flexible pocket folder and includes a center spread of Downtown KC resources and a map featuring the new KC Streetcar line, along with 11 fact sheets on topics that tell the story of Downtown in 2016, including:

*Downtown development map and summary
*Catalyst projects, including the planned Downtown Arts Campus and the Downtown YMCA
*Downtown Council committees and affiliated organizations, including the CIDs
*Traditional and breakout DTC initiatives, including LaunchKC and Art in the Loop

To request a printed copy, contact Mike Hurd, director of marketing for the DTC, at

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I'll have to get one. I do enjoy a good read.

Anonymous said...

Next up:
Sleeping Beauty's Castle,
A geodesic dome over all of downtown,
Moving sidewalks for the tens of millions of tourists,
and extending the streetcar line to UMKC.
A city that never sleeps!
If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere!
And do everything you can not to let reality intrude.

Anonymous said...

Strange, there's no chapters regarding decapitation in there.

Anonymous said...

I want one of those downtown $288,000 condos, where you only pay $600 a year in property taxes.

That is one hell of a deal.

Anonymous said...

Poor widdle sub-rube-an warriors, so ANGSTay on the internets all the time.

Payton said...

If u think downtown is anything but a suburb pretending to be something, you are mistaken. The real KC is east of troost, and it ain't pretty

Anonymous said...

It's after than midtown.