Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Celebrate The Kansas City Zipcar???

Another transit scheme championed in the era of telecommuting and teleworking. Take a look: Can downtowners ditch the Dodge? Zipcar expands in Kansas City


Super Dave said...

Sounds cheap enough if you don't own a car but I have to ask?

Cars sitting around with the keys in them? Some cities have laws against you leaving your keys in the car or ignition either one.

So what keeps the local thugs from just busting a glass hoping in and off they go? Wizards maybe?

Anonymous said...

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!

Anonymous said...

Cheap GOOD!

Quality bad

Anonymous said...

Trolley boy sez... Zip ur way to freedom and happiness! And don't forget to mail this shit in so we can fix the vote!

Dear Mr. Maya!

I am writing to express my support for moving forward now with the lengthy process toward extending the downtown starter line south along Main Street, and I am asking that you support it as well.

The proposed extension to UMKC has the potential to deliver an even larger return on investment than we have already seen downtown. It would also allow a direct connection through Midtown between the UMKC Volker Campus and the proposed Downtown Arts Campus, a KC Chamber Big 5 initiative. Aside from this project being a high priority for Chancellor Morton, both MainCor and the Main Street CID have adopted a resolution in support of the extension. Moreover, this extension is included as a material component of the recently adopted Midtown Area Plan. And as I am sure you are aware, Midtown voters have consistently supported fixed rail through this corridor.

The cost of construction of the starter line was $250,000 under budget, thanks to management by the City’s Public Works Department. Moving forward with the extension while this same team can be involved leverages their experience and familiarity with the needs of the project, and puts the extension in the best position to be completed on time and within budget. It will take years to build the extension. The first election to decide whether to form this TDD would not occur until the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. Even if that formation election passes, there will be opportunities for the City to reverse course in the unlikely event that the community determines that the streetcar is not a worthwhile project. However, the longer we wait to start the first step in this process, the more costs will increase and the longer it will be until service through to UMKC could start.

Delaying the beginning of the process does not achieve any positive result; instead it delays the potential exponential growth in value of the starter line to the detriment of the downtown ratepayers who have begun their investment, and delays the future benefit to midtown residents, property owners and workers.

Anonymous said...

YEAH! You're getting the idea guys!!

Caleb Michael-Flies, who never wants to own a car

Anonymous said...

Trolley boy has evidently not heard of this new thing that transports people very efficiently throughout midtown. It's called the bus, and you don't even have to have rails for it to get around.