Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Celebrate Another Kansas City Beer List: Is The Pitch Becoming Clickbait To Survive?!?!

It has been a cruel Summer for Kansas City's 2nd best alternative news source.

The Pitch lost their ace reporter to The Star weeks ago . . . Sad postcript to that . . . The Star seemingly bought the guy so they can keep him filing snooz-y real estate stories and local big company promos.

And it seems The Pitch recruiting Barb Shelly in her golden years has elicited just another local website spewing Democratic Party talking points . . .

Sadly, The Pitch mostly stopped publishing to the web and today they offer this tidbit that reads more like Buzzfeed than the good old days when they used to run a really great legal extortion ad play on local biz . . .

The Beer Directory: Belly up with the metro’s beer makers

And then there's local promo tie-in which isn't a bad way to make a buck:

Steer & Beer Directory: Here’s your primer for Saturday’s burger and brew fest

Now that local establishments can turn to social media and buy themselves a better digital mirror to cast their advertising hype . . . The Pitch is hurting. Just check their backpage and notice that their thin weekly mag now hosts far fewer advertisers spaced out sparsely to support this bit of beloved legacy media.

Developing . . .

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Anonymous said...


Jordan landed a Budweiser spread with the tagline, "This Bod's For You"!!!!!