Monday, August 22, 2016

Candice & The Kansas City Midday Workout


Another quick update so that our KANSAS CITY NEWZ ADDICTS can delight in the latest Victoria's Secret workout gear AND keep up with current events . . .

Kansas City Rent Remains Too Damn High
KC Business Journal on Twitter
Downtown Front Porch Rehab
Construction begins outside Union Station to improve streetcar stop
Celebrate Sunflower State Swill
Still aging: Kansas wine industry without key designation
No Mizzou Student Clawback
Mizzou begins new school year with lower enrollment
The Party This Week Inside The Loop
KC Dance Day, Charlie Parker set the pace for this week
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

MU needs to wake up and see what idiots they are and how they brought this down on themselves all by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Mizzou begins new school year with lower enrollment....
you forgot to mention a lower quality student too.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Rent Remains Too Damn High"

Not too high for the section 8 moochers with free Cleaver Internet, eh?

Anonymous said...

MU freshman enrollment is down 23%, which is huge. That is millions of future dollars being spent elsewhere all because stupid white administrators didn't squash the bullshit from day one. This has such an untold residual effect. The merchant Hants have to be pissed. If enrollment continues to drop because the people in charge won't put the dumb ass protesters in MU will slide into 1AA territory with Missouri State. The people have spoke with their feet and wallets MU, your move.

Anonymous said...

I would never send my kid to MU.
Can you imagine the harassment a white kid gets at that school?
You won't be able to study because you'll be trying to "fit in" with the "agenda".