Monday, August 22, 2016

Candice And Back To The Kansas City Grind

And so, Candice Swanepoel is preggers and ruining her body of work but we can always remember her glory days as we get back to work.

Accordingly, let's start this morning with a peek at a collection of local links. Checkit:

Kansas City Charlie Parker Party Cont'd
MSM Focuses On The Baseball Amid August Kansas City Bloodbath
Here's why the Royals have managed to get back into the wild-card race
Show-Me Conservation Victory
A black bear revival is coming to Missouri
Screen Against GOP Unity
As The Kansas Economy Dies, Trump Appoints Gov. Sam Brownback As Advisor
More National Coverage Of Fanboy Memes
Praying Mantis May Have Helped Kansas City Royals Standing
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

i'd still butt fuck Candice. who's with me

MDLQ said...

Long Live Micky Mantis!!!!!

Live the mingset of "The Manti!"............

Anonymous said...

Black Bears making a comeback in Missouri. That's great!
Let's kill them.

Anonymous said...

"As The Kansas Economy Dies, Trump Appoints Gov. Sam Brownback As Advisor"

Hmmmmm...someone is again full of shit. Kansas exports 12.5 billion annually and Missouri exports 12.9 billion. It should be noted that Missouri has damn near 3 times the population of Kansas so if productivity has anything to do with it Missouri is producing a little over 1/3 as much as broke ass Kansas. Fucking dumb ass libtard journalists should do their homework before flapping their pie holes.