Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blogging KC Dead Tree Media Devotion

Our pal Jimmy C. offers this tribute to news that most people checked their phones or watched on TV . . . As usual his thoughts are insightful worth consideration BUT the very fact that the writing is shared online kinda proves the TKC thesis . . . Our blog community objects to daily published print as a conveyance for newsgathering and JimmyC confuses the issue by talking about journalism and championing reporting that is often biased, faces increasing competition and, again, is more widely consumed online. You decide but his latest post is certainly worth a look: For the invaluable, enduring role of newspapers...let us offer sincere thanks


Anonymous said...

So that dumb ass who beat someone with a pipe at 3am after breaking in to their apartment in Lenexa....who turned out to not even be the guy he was looking to assault, but did it anyway....dude did prison time in Missouri for Robbery/armed criminal action. Now he is looking at prison in KS for his violent behavior. Probably 5 years minimum, and looking at this guy probably get more time added on by fucking up in prison. Probably get his ass whooped, or forced to "read the book" with a pizza box over his head.

Derek Decker's Facebook shows him from the KC metro and married with kids. What kind of woman stays married to someone like this? another "billy bad ass" who takes his rage out on innocent people, and most likely his wife when he doesn't have some random punching bag. Lock this shit bag up.

Derek Decker everyone....a real leader you can count on.

JoCoPost said...

I know it's hot out there, but is 4:41 lost and dehydrated? This comment has nothing to do with its link!

Anonymous said...

Well Tracy, you know Fitz and you know he's a good guy.

He doesn't go with unsubstantiated rumors (like Tony does) or let opinions drown out fact (like Tony does) or make wild baseless claims (like Tony does) or gleefully welcome white supremacists to his site (like Tony does) or so heavily couch his posts in weasel words (like Tony does) that they're held up as examples in Mizzou journalism classes as masterful examples of obfuscation or accept as fact anything anyone says (like Tony does) or get sued for libel and lose (like Tony did) or salivate over death and mayhem (like Tony does) or hate the town he lives in so much (like Tony does) one might suspect mental illness or misinterpret first-hand sources (like Tony does), but....well I forgot what I was going to say exactly.

Oh, yes. Tony is not even man enough to stand up for himself. Hides behind his delete key.

Greedo said...

He also doesn't get anywhere near as many readers as TKC. Readers like you who can't seem to look away.

Greedo said...

Are they really using Tony as an example at MU journalism class? You gotta admit that is kinda cool!

Anonymous said...

yes. they are. I know it for a fact.

It's used in a writing class as an example of how language can blur the the same breath as the Nazis.

Speaks volumes to me. Not cool. Horrifying.

Bob said...

7:53, did you just blur the truth with the Communists? Horrifying.

The only reason J-Schools still exist is to keep the journalism professors out of the bread line. Their change in emphasis from reporting the facts to advocacy journalism is the main factor driving the trade (NOT a profession) to unemployment and penury.

Anonymous said...

It's a perfect textbook example for journalism schools on how accountability should not have to wait for a libel lawsuit. Checkit:

Anonymous said...

who cares ?? old news ,genius

take a hike ,ya fuckin stalker

J school reject said...

Anybody notice that this quick link got more comments than Jimmy's 800 world article on Tony. That's really interesting and that says more about the future of the news, not your precious journalism.

Anonymous said...

I like both posts. I noticed the comment from Julius to be the most objective, we need both bloggers and newspapers. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

Midtown Chester said...

Again, I say this respectfully, but I only read the local news for the TITS. The selection here is almost as good as the KC fox station.


Anonymous said...

With respect to JimmyC:

I don't think JimmyC has come to grips with how much newspapers (at least The KC Star) have changed since he retired.

Today, the Star is a collection of advertisements held together by a small number of news stories. News stories that you've likely already seen on the internet by the time you pick up your paper. Most of the stories in the Star are picked up from non-KC sources.

When Star staff rarely do a lengthy investigative piece, chances are they'll be targeting something out-of-town, as they're afraid or forbidden to go after any of the corruption present in the KCMO metro. Such is the life of a struggling newspaper scrounging for their own tax breaks while criticizing the practice for others.

And when it comes to their Editorial Board, what better wait to strongly alienate half of their potential audience, by only expressing a redundant liberal Democrat view.

Sometimes you don't get what you want, but you get what you deserve. The Star doesn't deserve the respect which JimmyC hangs onto from his years with the paper.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Parker is full of crap. It doesn't matter what people used to do in the newspaper business and it does not matter that she wishes things were different today. The fact is newspapers are pretty much irrelevant and they are not making the news any better by injecting more opinion and slant into the product.

Just as broadcast news will learn over the next few years, if people are going to be forced to listen to opinion they will choose the outlets that cater to their values (just like religion). I submit that this is exactly how Fox news became number one over every other media type in the world. They tell people what they want to hear and it is presented by a pack of babes. Some of who actually complain about sexual harassment because they are too dumb to get that they were not hired because they were Walter Cronkites.

Nevertheless, the Star has failed because no one has to resort to it as a newspaper or institution anymore. Time to move on, accept that the media is near death and develop a new viable skill-set. The IBM Selectric is dead.