Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bill Blogs The War On Terror

Our favorite Kansas City faith writer offers his perspective on a recent study about the progress the nation has made against terror threats and hopes to encourage further study of the "root causes" attracting young people to radical Islam . . . On a related note, tell Bill to go see Sausage Party if only because I trust his review more than the word of hipsters. Checkit: The costs of defending against terrorism: 8-18-16


chuck said...

Bill Tame-us-all is no more qualified to teach us about terrorism and the threats of terrorists (That he wants to bring into the country by the millions, un-vetted through open borders.), than Harley is to teach us English in "Gernulism Skool".

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^Dead on the money

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill. Your columns are like a Lifetime Channel movie or an unethical massage: not very challenging to the mind, with a guaranteed happy ending. :)

Anonymous said...


Just look at the opening sentence:

"Starting the day that Islamist terrorist murdered nearly 3,000 people in the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.."

Ignoring the incorrect sentence structure, Tammeus begins with a FALSE premise, thereby making his entire posting irrelevant.

Mr. Tammeus doesn't have a clue regarding the actual events of SEP 11, 2001.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Atta built the bomb for Timothy McVeigh so understanding the Iran Contra connection is the only way to understand state sanctioned terrorism. Oliver North is a criminal who conspired to work wiirh terrorist. The commie threat was always a lie. Henry Kissinger was to be tried on war crimes in NYC the morning of September 9th.

Phil Cardarella said...

Our National Anthem really does say it all: We cannot be the Land of the Free unless we are willing to be the Home of the Brave. We need to quit hiding under our national beds.

Even if perfect safety were possible -- which it is NOT -- it would come at far to high a cost in terms of our individual liberties. The first time a I saw a ten year old kid being patted down for extra airport security, or had to remove my shoes to get through security, or could not bring toiletries on an airplane, I knew that we were at War with Terror -- and that Terror was winning. Our fear was their Fifth Column.

I know that 9/11 was a national trauma, but how did we become so frightened as a nation? So frightened that we fear tourists who want to go to Disneyworld and refugees fleeing ISIS? (Not so frightened that we would do anything sensible to keep domestic terrorists from getting AR15s and hundred-round clips -- but that is because Congress is far more frightened of the NRA than of ISIS.)