Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Will New Charter School Save KCPS???

Another strategy in the ongoing battle to save public education in Kansas City despite an 30-year-decline. Checkit: New KC charter school set to open next month


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Blowing shitloads of tax payer monies always works for the KC School District, right? We have a muti-decades long track record to prove it.

Anonymous said...

"We just need one more chance, and a bunch of money."

Anonymous said...

Please publish a list of the members of the board of directors and the names and qualifications of senior staff, especially in the area of financial controls.
It can't be a good sign when the sponsoring organization, namely KCPS, has been run by individuals who couldn't manage a one-car garage. And has blown through hundreds of millions over the years acting as a trough of public money for fake contractors and consultants and as an employment agency for unqualified family and friends.
Who, exactly, will be minding this store?