Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Training Day: Harsh Times For Kansas City Law Enforcement Careers Amid Unrest

This week we've noticed vocational concern for the police resonate in Kansas City as local law enforcement reveals recruitment problems and the public questions if negative sentiment and politically charged talking points are taking a toll on the profession and thereby public safety in the long term. Here's a great open letter published in the latest issue of the Northeast News: Letter to the Editor: Kids don't want to be police officers anymore


Anonymous said...

Why would a kid want to be a cop when they are learning at home that crime pays pretty damn good in this town.

Anonymous said...

I've got a buddy who's an officer in a smaller suburban town. With 8 years on the job, he makes in the LOW $30s per year. Combined with all the crap they now have to deal with, THAT is why recruiting is so hard.

Anonymous said...

Plus kc has a residency requirement.