Saturday, July 23, 2016


The daily newspaper is tweaking it's brand in this clip that has only garnered about a dozen views according to Youtube stats but still seems quite hopeful.

The newspaper is now selling themselves as a "media company" and their schmaltzy view of Kansas City is focused mostly on the Royals and dominates this call to action aimed at potential advertisers.

If we're just taking video here . . . The Star has a lot of catching up to do with Kansas City TV stations who have a head start and more staff dedicated to online movies along with potential partnership with brands that is still dominated by bigger brands like Youtube and Vimeo.

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You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The Star is ten years too late. Damn will that ship just sink already.

Anonymous said...

I cancelled my subscription to the Star and it had nothing to do with politics. It was the automotive section they had in the Saturday edition. Use to love reading Click And Clack, the stories about local people and their cars, and other car interest storied. I asked the guy hawking subscriptions in front of Hy-Vee why the auto sections was cancelled. His response - to save money. Do you realize how the Star is causing global warming? Cutting down earth saving trees to get their paper and the fossil fuels being used to delver the Star? Save the earth - cancel your Star subscription.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is worth Billions, TRILLIONS! GAZZILIONS!!

Take that silly newspaper!

Anonymous said...

America MUST save the Star -- so a rich black kid like Lewie Dikweed can rant on about how ALL Whites have ...."White Privilege!" just the rich WASPs and jews ---ALL Whites!!! poor..working class...doesn't matter!

Anonymous said...

As long as what's left of the Star makes McClatchey a few bucks, they'll keep it on life support.
But anyone who still purports to be an actual journalist or reporter should leave as soon as they can find another job doing pretty much anything.
The Star's death throes are pitiful to watch.
First as tragedy.
Then as farce.

Anonymous said...

when the Star got so petty they stared charging for the TV guide i said screw them.

Anonymous said...

"Tweaking its brand."

Like a bunch of toothless hillbillies cooking up a batch of meth in Independence.