Sunday, July 10, 2016


Ongoing coverage of a sex scandal in Golden Ghetto Johnson County which threatens a prominent faith community confronting the same group of strident victim's rights advocates who brought down a Catholic Bishop in Kansas City Missouri.

As the Baptists plead their case in the media . . . SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests retorts.


Big KC church denies trying to “out” young victims; SNAP responds

Money line . . .

"There are really two options here: Let the girls and their mom seek justice while protecting their privacy, like courts have done for decades. Or force them to reveal their identities to the public. If Westside Family Church wins their motion, this already wounded family will have to decide – comply with the court order and the church’s wishes by disclosing their names or stop their effort to expose and deter wrongdoing.

"For the sake of these girls, their mom, and others who see, suspect or suffer child sex crimes, we beg Westside to withdraw their hostile, intimidating motion.

"We ask the public to consider this: What do you believe? What church officials put on paper in a written court document? Or what the church lawyer says later when facing criticism?

"And we ask every single person with information or suspicions about child sex crimes and cover ups in churches or institutions – especially at mega-churches where there’s little or no oversight – to protect kids by calling police, get help by calling therapists, expose wrongdoers by calling law enforcement, get justice by calling attorneys, and be comforted by calling support groups like ours. This is how kids will be safer, adults will recover, criminals will be prosecuted, cover ups will be deterred and the truth will surface . . ."

Read the whole thing and you decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I like those folks at SNAP. BTW if you are a terrible parent, Bible camp for the kiddos starts soon at Westside Baptist.

Anonymous said...

are they going to have pizza like the mayor's bullshit program?

Anonymous said...

The Westside church should abandon this horrible, despicable tactic. I hope their parishoners will speak out against the church leaders and attorneys.

I thought churches were suppose to be a place of healing and compassion not intimidation and bullying sexual attack victims

Anonymous said...

There is no god.

Anonymous said...


And Tony is his prophet.

Just call me GOD said...

SNAP is full of liars like Rebecca Randle and Chlossey just to start with. I hope GOD (who does exist and you're not smart enough to know it 11:27) send them to the fires of eternal damnation.

Anonymous said...

Im smart enough to not worship a false ghost who says its ok to sin numerously as long as you apologize afterwards.

Anonymous said...

From the Star article:

“We’re not looking to out these girls,” Russell said. “The church has kept their identities private through the entirety of this process. … We want this lawsuit, the way it was drafted, to be dismissed. We want them to refile and follow the rules. File it where both parties are anonymous.”

The churches anonymity ended with the indictment and guilty plea by Kessler P. Lichtnegger.

I could see how the church would like to be forgotten for it's role in this.

Anonymous said...

5:32 probably diddles kids in the Westside bathroom. I here that's the hot new place for pedophiles.