Thursday, July 21, 2016


As of late, a great deal of Kansas City's Democracy take place in courtrooms. Accordingly, here's the response of the only guy to ever win a citywide transit effort as he addresses legal tough talk from City Hall.


Chastain's open letter to City Attorney Bill Geary and Mayor Sly James.

Yesterday, City Attorney, Bill Geary testified before the Council's Finance Committee he thought the light rail petition, though facially constitutional he admitted, "could" be illegal and thus could be repealed by the council if approved by Kansas City voters in November.

Is this a veiled threat Mr. Geary? Are you suggesting Kansas City's newly elected government might want to consider committing the same unfair, undemocratic and unamerican legislative trespass a previous council committed when it over turned a voter-approved light rail petition in 2007?

Not only did Mr. Geary not provide the committee and the public his reasons for making the preposterous claim the light rail petition could be illegal, Geary also has never communicated that "illegal" charge to our attorney, Jeff Carey, even after the Committee of Petitioners recently submitted a revised petition ordinance to the city attorney for his review.

Just who is it that is prodding the city attorney to act in bad faith against a petition from the people? Could it be Mayor Sly James, who led the previous council to block a vote on a valid and constitutional light rail petition?

We do not appreciate these two scheming attorneys, who appear to be moving behind the scenes at city hall in a shadow of deceit and bad faith, plotting to ambush yet another light rail petition, if approved by voters.

In contrast, let me be clear and out in the open...

(1) We "could" file a discipline complaint against Bill Geary for acting in bad faith in trying to undermine a valid petition from the people.

(2) We "could" conduct a massive recall against Kansas City's government, with Mayor James being the first to go, if Kansas City's government dares overturn another light rail vote of the people.

Clay Chastain, degreed electrical engineer, leader of the light rail petition, and registered voter of Kansas City, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Dude is a freak

Anonymous said...

City's Legal Department is full of retards.

Anonymous said...

4:11, Show respect...that's no way to talk about your mayor.

Anonymous said...

You are both right, Clay is a fucking nut, and Bill Geary is one of the worst lawyers in Kansas City, which is pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Both seem to confuse themselves with the people we actually alerted to make decisions.

Anonymous said...

"we could conduct a massive recall against Kansas City's government" That might be the only thing Clay ever said that the voters would support.

Anonymous said...

^^You should try it, unless you are still on hold with the FBI about the toy train stealing all the sewers/fire truck/police. They must be super busy with Agenda 21 illuminati stuff if they haven't got around to launching a full blown investigation into your tin foil hat fantasies.

Anonymous said...

How many years has Clay been trying to get light rail built with his name on it? What's his obsession? If this latest bid of his is anything like previous ones, there's no way it's financially reasonable. And he has very little, if any, skin in the game if it does (by some miracle) pass and subsequently fails at the cost of tax payers.

Why won't he just go back to Virginia and try to push his hair-brained plans there? We already have enough people in the city milking every dime they can from tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Clay may be on to something here....Hmmmmmmm.