Monday, July 11, 2016


Right now we eant to feature an INFORMATIVE note just sent our way offering a critical perspective on a great deal of cash still under consideration for an embattled entertainment district that has been the home to gun fights and a great many lackluster renewal efforts.

Here's the overview for those who don't want to read the fine print . . .


Even better . . .

In this breakdown after the jump, local tax fighters contend:

"All the projects lack information a soundly based expenditure would disclose. Such as, who is going to get this money? What are they going to do with it? Is the recipient putting any “skin in the game”? How many jobs will the project create? Are they willing to repay the money if they don’t reach the number of jobs promised or develop the property as promised?"

You decide . . . And click read more to check the COMPREHENSIVE Kansas City cost breakdown . . .

18th and Vine Followup ... Same story second verse!

Last week several of us took the time to let out city council members and the mayor know our thoughts about the $27,600,000 being considered for 18th and Vine. We wanted to know: Who was going to get this money and what were they going to do with it?

The vote was being rushed through without proper debate and this there were many unanswered questions. Because of your effort, the vote was delayed until this week but there is still not an adequate plan, in our opinion. Many, many more questions still linger. Have and bids been requested for the work??

All the projects lack information a soundly based expenditure would disclose. Such as, who is going to get this money? What are they going to do with it? Is the recipient putting any “skin in the game”? How many jobs will the project create? Are they willing to repay the money if they don’t reach the number of jobs promised or develop the property as promised?

We recommend the city council does not give this money to 18th and Vine until the uses are better defined and communicated to the public.

What we hear is:

- $4.2 Million for the Buck O’Neil Education Center… To do what? and Who’s going to do it? If it’s
construction related, was the job bid? Who owns this building and business??

This is an Ollie Gates/ Cleaver Project..... The City has already put I believe over a million into this vacant building. (there is no money for operational expenses....will be coming ba to the City for on-going operational costs every year.)

- $1.7 Million for the American Jazz Museum… To do what? and Who’s going to do it? If it’s construction related, was the job bid? Who owns this building / business??

This is a Mayor appointed board......project started by Cleaver, and likely staffed. City has already put millions into to this project and funds the annual operational costs of the place, lights, security, etc.

- $1.8 Million for the Friends of Alvin Ailey Headquarters…What is this money for? Are we building them a building? Remodel?? Raises?? Who owns this business?? City has already put at least a million into this. Again this was started under Cleaver to establish a Kansas City presence of this New York based dance company. City funds go towards operational costs every year (not sure which budget--maybe parks and rec).

- $5.6 Million for the new 18th Street Apartments… Who is going to own these?? If it is a developer, how much is the developer putting into the project??

The city funded the building of these with its federal funds and hand picked developer. Millions already sunk into these....this is probably an expansion of apartments again with City funds. There will certainly be a "friend of Cleaver developer"...hand picked/ no bidding, with many shell companies for pre-development.

- $4.9 Million to stabilize and Improve historic Vine street buildings... Who owns these buildings?? if it’s not the city then why is the city paying for the maintenance?? If not the city, are the owners putting any money into this project?? Which buildings??

I have heard that the City plans to re-buy the 18th and Vine Building. This will be the second time the City has bought it. The first time, Charles Hazley was on the Council and there is a plaque in the rear entry of the building commemorating its purchase and renovation by the city. Then it sold the building to the Black Economic union for nominal costs.....and turned around and paid rent to the Black economic Union for over 25 years for space to house City programs. BEU allowed the building to become run down....and now want to profit by selling it back to the City ti renovate.

- $1.2 Million to restore the Boone Theater… Restore?? What does that mean?? New seats, new screen?? Restore what?? Who owns the building and the business?? If it is the city, what are they going to do with it once restored?? To spend over a million dollars with no set outcome or projection is ludicrous. It is my understanding that the City has promised to renovate the Boone Theater if the American Folk Music society moved its headquarters to KC. This will fulfill that informal promise, I guess. The City bought the building quietly about four or five years ago.

- $1.0 Million for a plaza and fountain at 18th and Paseo?? Really, the city is falling apart, murder rates through the roof, police being laid off, curbs crumbling, potholes all over the place, water lines busting all over town and we’re going to build a plaza and fountain??

- $3.0 million dollars to beautify 18th street and create a better connection west to the Crossroads Art District. Who gets this money?? They need to be identified. Why not pick up the trash and run some shuttles between the two areas. That wouldn’t cost $3 million dollars. We could reconfigure the shuttles and busses to look more like the streetcar on the inside. Maybe more people would ride them. Try that for a few months before we give somebody $3 million dollars.

These projects total up to $23.4 million dollars. There asking for $27.6 million dollars so there is a $3.2 million dollar gap??? Maybe they are all worthwhile but the people promoting this effort have not convinced the voters.

Once again we ask you let the mayor and council persons know your thoughts. Call and email today!!! And thanks again for your support…

Citizens for Responsible Government


Bryan M. Stalder, Esq. said...

They've convinced me. Let's find some private investors to match the funds. 18th & Vine is culturally and historically significant and under utilized.

Get a 6:AM liquor license approved through #moleg, find an MBE craft brewery or distillery, and bring more field trips and youth baseball tournaments to the area. Extra parking will probably be needed. Finally a project worth supporting!

Anonymous said...

I saw a comment on this last week and it make sense:

They would be better off lighting all that money on fire during the winter. At least it would help keep people warm.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see where the millions of taxpayer dollars before this have gone.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to read the fine print myself and get the truth but thanks.

"What we hear" is more "I hate everything" platitudes.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Dan, you're keeping Sly's staffers working late. Good for you! They don't have any mind for detail but it's good to know that at least KCMO is getting their money's worth for one of the biggest staffs city hall has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the press release rehash

JoJo said...

Kill this bill

Anonymous said...

Funking shame that we have to support this and P&L and every other tourist trap. Why can't they pay their own way?

Anonymous said...

I wish they sold stock in coon central. With all the money these libtards dump that direction I could be rich.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking a very good question.
Fortunately, the taxpayers are on the hook to make up the difference, and in the case of the P&L District, at the rate of $15-20 million each year through 2030.
You have to ask how much of this kind of success anyone can afford.

Anonymous said...

My former employer was significantly involved in the original grifter grab down there in the early 2000s. So many millions were just wasted there and now they want more. No way. Seriously the Feds should get involved in this swindle because that's all it is. Drive one block South of there and see how truly shitty the area is. Nobody with money is going to go to a war zone. Stop giving tax money to people because they yell racist.

Anonymous said...

Get ahold of the proposal it is a bunch of private contractors and developers who have put a patchwrok quilt of "projects" together. It is again handing money out without any return even being thought about.

Tax Payers who know better. said...

I seriously can't believe, that anyone, in their right minds, would believe, that this investment will pay a profit into the city coffers, or, even come close.

It is a pay off to blacks.

Ok, that's fine, but don't insult us with how it is going to "Generate tourist traffic and pay for itself". It will be money right down the crapper and everyone knows it, from the drunks under bridges to the people at City Hall.

It has been a loser, it is a loser and it will be a loser, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Nothing there is historic. Its been torn down. Mostly everything there is newly built.

Anonymous said...

me too, 7:13pm Until then, its a no for me.

Anonymous said...

This write up assumes the contractors involved are competent but that qould be my main question. You have Marvin Lymans as head of BEU and that is tragic since his only real experience is in a failed, gut-wrentching restaurant that closed five years ago. Who are the competent players? What's their expertise? Credentials? These types of projects are the last hoorah of the Obama administration. They continue to kill their own people with their greed.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. A nightmare waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dan Coffey realy seams obsessed with Cleaver. He seems to have a problem with black men in positions of power in general. Maybe Dan should run against Cleaver and see how he does. Or maybe he should go back to Kansas and leave Brookside, because Brookside is a liberal district and always will be, just like most desirable neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

The city has subsidized all sorts of projects in the affluent areas so this is simply buying black support for continuing these subsidies.

Anonymous said...

8:47 am. Interesting thing....most of the people who cash in on these "Buy Black Support" projects don't live or vote in Kansas City.