Monday, July 04, 2016


Independence Day in Kansas City is always such a sordid affair.

Throughout today there will be well deserved tribute to the troops along with a celebration of our 1st Amendment Freedom of Expression which allows us to decry the current foreign crusades which demand the murder of innocent brown babies via Predator Drone to keep oil prices low as the Chinese push to move closer to the front of the gas line that fuels civilization. Similarly, politicos praise our EPIC WINNING legacy of militarism while hoping to disarm the American voting public and strip away 2nd Amendment rights to make any defense of freedom essentially meaningless. Worse still, the overwhelming majority of Kansas City weekend patriots are primarily concerned about BBQ today. Local knowledge of smoked meats is far more comprehensive than even a modicum of understanding or passing interest in most current events.

Worse still . . .


And to think that some poor kid died face down in the muck while torching a family's rice patty in Southeast Asia so we could write this screed from a Starbucks where the part timers loathe all the stingy Indian UMKC medical students who don't tip.

Here go . . .

Kansas City Earnings Taxation Without Representation Insults The Constitution

The Supreme Court has already cast a great deal of suspicion on Kansas City's E-Tax, the reality is that this regressive levy is only one court case away from oblivion despite local love for this bit of civic welfare expressed by less than 10% of all registered voters and orchestrated by just about every political consultant in the metro.

The Toy Train Streetcar Wants To Roll Over Kansas City Democracy Yet Again

During a public television debate Kansas City Public Library honcho Crosby Kemper III said the streetcar vote was: "The single-most undemocratic election in Kansas City since the Pendergast era." Sadly, streetcar cheerleaders decided that the best way to earn support again is to cut even more voters out of a possible upcoming election in much the same way City Hall is devising a plan to cut voters out of the decision to ultimately crush KC's finances and build a new single-terminal airport without voter consent.

Kansas City Water Rates RISING Thanks To No-Bid Sketchy Corporate Patronage That Signals American Corruption At Its Finest

Everybody knows that Burns & Mac basically runs the Water Department.

Things are so sketchy at Kansas City's public utility that the Mayor REFUSES and independent audit and instead appoints a task force composed of political cronies whilst the public faces WATER RATES TRIPLING AND CONTINUING TO RISE over the next few years.

City Hall Tax Break Development Subsidy Creates Despicable Kansas City Corporate Oligarchy Working Against Residents

Without a vote from the public . . . Ever . . . Kansas City politicos have given a corporation an EPIC tax break on not one but TWO luxury apartment buildings that most people in this town could never afford.

In fact, most of downtown Kansas City has been rebuilt upon a corrupt, reprehensible and ultimately devious ponzi scheme deal that drains about $15 MILLION from the City Hall budget every year . . . That's money that could be used to fix streets, fund police position that are being cut, or maybe turn on some of those dormant fountains that this town can no longer afford.

What's worse is that local voter turnout is at an all-time low and the only guy in the nation who is bringing more people to the polls is a reality TV show host with a bad hairdo who may or may not be a false flagging opportunist running a shameless bit of shtick so that a powerful family can keep their stranglehold on Beltway politics in order to start the next world war. The only bright side is Kansas City debate over the tranny who allegedly punched a horse during a protest against the guy was way too porn-y and hilarious for anyone to take seriously.

Accordingly, please suggest more un-American Kansas City tends that don't involve anger over a Mexican guy currently banging a loved one.

You decide . . .


Hmmmm said...

Kansas City crime is rising at the same time city hall is cutting police. I wonder if there's a correlation?

Anonymous said...

I say again, it's about leadership. You get what you pay for, looks like some of the local corporations are receiving a bargain for their money.

One Time One Night said...

They say that the Romans invented the bikini but the Americans perfected it.

Anonymous said...

I'll bite.

What should we do about all of this? I thought the funk was much worse.

Anonymous said...

You get what you didn't vote against !

Anonymous said...

Not saying the e tax is good, but kc residents don't get to vote for op sales taxes they may pay either. The can choice to work in kc or choice to buy in op.

Anonymous said...

7:08. How about eliminating staff in the top heavy city manager and mayors office? We a have director of creative service to name a few. Seriously? We have two deputy directors of public works and seven assistant city engineers. We have an unqualified aviation director and a puppet for a HR director. That's a start.

Anonymous said...

You can avoid sales taxes not income taxes. This rip off needs to stop. Someone needs to file suit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is.

Anonymous said...


chuck said...

Un-American, is the suicidal, destructive hell bent for leather Irredentist, Cultural Imperialism of Liberal Immigration policies, paid for by unwilling tax payers, that seeks the destruction of the Judeo/Christian ethos.

Refugee Resettlement Programs, the onerous cost of which, again, the Fascist, Federal Government places squarely on the very people who pay the bills and abhor the repopulation of America, with 3rd world, stone age cultures that embrace terrorism and violence is as Un-American as anything I can think of.

Un-American is the destruction of the Rule Of Law and the subservience of the Constitution to the whim and caprice of the Tyrant in the White House in Rome on the Potomac and the radical politicization of the DOJ, the IRS, the BLM and soup to nuts, the entire edifice of the corrupt Federal Government.

The system is indeed rigged and yes, America hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

good column.

MisterGee said...

That's very true.

Anonymous said...

un-american is the number of stone cold killers walking the streets of of, the one who have been paroled WAY too early and the ones who haven't been caught and won't be caught,some of who are responsible for multiple killings over the years

un-american is waving your ILLEGAL handgun around like it's your dick and spraying bullets everywhere just like some do with their dicks ,killing and maiming anyone INCLUDING children that just happen to be in the way ,or were put in harm's way by retards who don't deserve to be called Americans...

Anonymous said...

So, your Mom wont buy you the Jumbo Fireworks Box, and you have to start a blog and bitch about everything?

Mow and few lawns and earn the money yourself. You might even get a sense of accomplishment.

But probably not.

Anonymous said...

Tony you sound more unstable every day.

Anonymous said...

Reasons I'm not a patriot:

1) Every time I tell someone I'm a veteran, they call me a liar.
2) Every time I tell someone I'm disabled, they call me a thief.
3) Americans have been calling me a "fag" for over fifty years, even though I'm not gay.
4) Some of my ancestors are the "natives" that white people stole this land from.
5) People with "native" DNA are called "illegal aliens", while the descendants of the white invaders call themselves "traditional Americans".
6) Chuck's a patriot, & I don't want to be on any side he is on.
7) I don't own any oil stock.
8) I'm poor, & Americans hate their poor.
9) I'm not a Christian.
10) I speak more than one language.
11) I don't worship celebrities or athletes.
12) I don't worship the rich.
13) I hate the Second Amendment lies. We no longer have militias.
14) I don't hate African Americans.
15) I don't treat women like sexual objects.
16) I don't hate Muslims.
17) I don't hate Jews or Palestinians.
18) I don't own any guns.
19) I don't like alcohol.
20) I don't like middle class white men.
21) I don't believe our soldiers are "defending me".
22) I don't believe our soldiers are "keeping me safe".
24) I believe our soldiers have been duped into fight for Corporate America & their interests, which are not mine.
23) I don't adhere to the cult of the Founding Slave Owners.
24) I think that the slave owner (of his own children) who wrote "All Men Are Created Equal" is the biggest hypocrite who ever live.
25) I think Alexander Hamilton was a thief. He said that women & children make the best factory workers.
26) I think that "This Land is Your Land" is a terrible, patently untrue sentiment. This isn't "Your Land", you stole it, but it still belongs to the natives.

Anonymous said...

27) You're a terminally discontented asshole with a uniploar, blinkered view of history.

Anonymous said...

So, does anyone pose some realistic solutions? Answers to the real problems, not racist rant thank you naught....boring. What say you geniuses? Happy 4 th of July!

Anonymous said...

Accordingly, please suggest more un-American Kansas City trends:

1) When a personal injury attorney who had never previously held political office, manages to get elected Mayor the first time with only 21percent of registered voters casting ballots. Then, with no primary or general opposition, and after not paying his taxes on time in violation of candidate eligibility rules, he's re-elected with even fewer voters participating than 4 years prior.

2) When a major metropolitan area has no reputable daily paper of record.

3) When KCMO's City Council representation includes the likes of a married Pastor Dude who sends nude selfies to women he seeks to "counsel", flies to out-of-town city-financed meetings yet doesn't attend the meetings, is accused of choking his aide in Council offices, costs the city a huge legal settlement from the following lawsuit.....and the other Council members sit on their hands.

4) When an obese, not too bright attorney, confused over her sexual identity finally picks a side, donates money to the Mayor's campaign committee, and promises to be his lapdog on the Council....all the while seeking some kind of reward for being Kansas City's first openly-gay stooge.

5) When corrupt politicians, acting in cahoots with business interests, force through the nation's most expensive per-mile ToyTrain boondoggle, despite the public's clear message that they don't want it.

6) When incompetent Democrats respond to an escalating KCMO homicide rate, primarily from suspects who are Black males, age 17-24, in the East Patrol voicing a desire to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights which are guaranteed to all Americans.

7) When what passes for KC's "gold-standard" public on-air political discussion, habitually features a panel dominated 3-to-1 by Democrats on approximately 70+ percent of 2016 YTD episodes.

8) When a documentary "Our Divided City" is made highlighting the failure of KCMO municipal government to provide safety and basic services to some residents, while heaping tax breaks and incentives upon well-to-do developers operating just beyond the dividing line, and city leaders respond with excuses and promises to tear down some more of the dilapidated structures which THEY'VE owned for years.

9) When the Sly James For Mayor campaign solicits and accepts donations from those doing business with the city or seeking favors, such as:
BNIM , Shirley Bush Helzberg, Barnett Helzberg, KC Streetcar Constructors, Kansas City Live LLC (Cordish affiliate), Burns and McDonnell corporate leaders, hundreds of Burns and McDonnell employees who are not KC residents, Jolie Justus who's supposed to be an independent Council member, Jean Peters-Baker who's supposed to be an independent prosecutor, Cornerstone Associates, CDM Smith, McCownGordon Construction LLC, Duracomm Corporation, Philips Electronics, KC Southern, JEDunn Construction, Downtown Council, Block Real Estate, Home Builders Assn, Copaken Brooks, Husch Blackwell, BNSF Railway, Lutjen Inc., Zimmer Real Estate, etc. Just to name a handful.

10) When the newly elected Mayor of KCMO, schemes with the guy he just defeated, to ram through an unnecessary downtown convention center hotel which isn't economically feasible unless political jurisdictions agree to shower the project with tax breaks, incentives, exclusive contracts to the exclusion of others, etc.

11) When political/business cronyism attempts to force a BILLION (+) dollar single terminal airport project upon citizens who have ranked the existing KCI as one of their MOST SATISFIED amenities.

cml said...

28) I have elevated "Virtue Signalling" into an art form.

29) I watch "Billy Jack" every day.

30) I have the same amount of Native American blood as Elizabeth Warren.

31) Middle Class White Men ARE the American poor, made that way by the Democrat/Socialist/Fascist lemmings who are white like me and get their condescending, holier-than-thou rocks off in self-loathing masturbatory suicidal screeds everyone laughs at.

32) I believe that "Moral Shaming" rhetoric designed to support the Liberal/Fascist/Racist policies now in effect against whites supercedes the truth and factual evidence that proves the untenability of my positions. It makes me feel good to hate myself.

33) I believe I am one of the "Cool Kids". I am better than you.

34) I believe in the first commandment of the Progressive Religion. "WILLFULL IMPERCIPIENCE" in the face of facts.

I could go on Byron, but your dissafected misanthropic slog directed at the very people who really made this country great and now pay for your indolence and psychosis is SELF EVIDENT.


Anonymous said...

and as always REAL TALK ,CHUCK !!! thank you

Tony , thank you ,as well. you provide an outlet ,a service ,that is the truly American and you work hard and are dedicated to it...thanks again!!


Anonymous said...

If you say "REAL TALK" in ALL CAPS, does that make it true?


Retards ^^^^^^ . Just another unintended consequence of the internet-collective idiocy.

Anonymous said...

makes it true for me .I won't entertain you with too much of a retort,except to say

I hope you blow an eyeball out on this 4th REAL TALK !!

happy Independence Day!!!

Anonymous said...

35) Chuck adheres to the Fourteen Words.

Anonymous said...

OK It is agreed. Kansas City sucks ass.

chuck said...


And Kudos to 12:38 for his/her brilliant local takes.

Anonymous said...

That's it? Hooozah! I thought you had more on your mind. Well, the night is young....who can save this city?

Anonymous said...

11:58 Spoken like a true minority, victim, liberal. Please go to any different country of your choice where all of the above issues you have will all be gone and you can live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Think how great America would be again if all of the self-loathing haters like 11:58 would go to whatever other country they think is better if the USA is so bad.

Anonymous said...

3:33 that is B'lying @ 11:58. His rifts and rants may have posted 'anonymous' of late, but his trademarked barks are readily detected. Broadbrushing whites, middle-class and whoever he disagrees with is not uncommon.

Funky, I thought you'd reappear with a new meme...something to follow those two white, 'Faux-chahontas' perhaps.

Anonymous said...

12:38 nails it as well as Chuck's big picture comments.

Anonymous said...

The Republican agenda will save the day? No, I don't think so. The Reagan era had the most corruption in history.. Tear down these walls? We'll never know the depth of the wrong done to Americans. Shhhhh...keep it a secret. Big brother is watching. No conspiracy theory, just the facts. God bless America, cyoa. Independence is a dream deferred by the few the proud and the wicked rich. Where is your silver spoon placed these days? Swollen tight in dark depths unseen yet felt, say ahhh! Boom! Pow! Stay away from windows, it is getting dark and you know what that means....deliver me this day of all my independence. We the people are for the people, by which it stands....nation? Which God? She'd your grace on me. Liberals, define thyself for which you stand. Not in my back yard. Go back where you came from...that means everybody. Do you know. Do you know. Do you really give a fuck and know?

Anonymous said...

Fuck libtards. They are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

8:57 Jesus, switch back to beer.

Anonymous said...

AHH, yes I remember the times , Reagan's speech ; Byron , Suck Down These Ball's !!!!

he refused,only because Reagan was a Republican..therefore he was exiled to West Virginia until he finally relented and Reagan begrudgingly commuted his sentence.

Byron never left..this is an very obscure fact.