Friday, July 15, 2016


A longstanding Kansas City debate over wages and worker rights moves to the highest state court.

To wit . . .


Agree or not, and we've tried to present both sides of this issue . . . This legal move is easily the most serious effort to change current Missouri law in favor of Kansas City supporters of a higher minimum wage because it bypasses the Republican majority in Jeff City and puts the decision in the hands of judges.

Check the dox FIRST on TKC:

The case has been docketed for oral argument. After examination of the file, the Court believes the issues in the case may be adequately presented . . .

This effort was started by Rev. Sam Mann and a coalition of clergy and legal activists who previously attempted to change Missouri minimum wage law by way of citizen initiative petition.

TKC FIRST reported and posted a copy of the claim that could change the course of the minimum wage fight.

Check on of the most interesting passages which provides the basis for the claim . . .

"The Court’s reliance on both statutes as support for its decision is misplaced because both statutes are unconstitutional. With regard to §67.1571 RSMo, the Missouri Legislature passed §67.1571 RSMo, as part of the Community Improvement District Act (the “Act”). The underlying purpose of the Act, §67.1400 RSMo through §67.1571 RSMo, was to provide mechanisms for forming and regulating community improvement districts throughout the state.

As such, the control of wages throughout the state simply does not fit within the Act’s stated purposes. Similarly, the stated purposes of House Bill 722 were to amend chapters 260 and 285, RSMo, by adding a new section to each statute. Each statute deals with entirely different subject matters. In effect, the Missouri Legislature appeared to believe that it could address two different subject matters in two different statutes masquerading under the common theme they are prohibitions on municipalities. House Bill 722 was passed by the Missouri Legislature after an override of the governor’s veto on September 16, 2015 . . ."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Tk, if the court overturns this then you might see the same kind of call for judicial reform that has started in Kansas.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...



The future is now KC said...

This is a good way to bring more kiosk ordering to Kansas City even faster.

I always wanted to order my big mac by phone anyway. Pick it up and call it Pokemon To GO!

Anonymous said...

The Sheeple are getting restless.

Anonymous said...

Without unions there would be no middle-class or public schools. If you don't support people making better wages. You are cutting your own throat.

The Truth of the Matter said...

Go ahead and pay these workers more and see how high the unemployed count goes. There will be a huge backlash if minimum wage goes to 15 an hour. For starters I will be forced to lay half my staff off or either raise my costs and people stop using my services. This over all stupidity will cause a lot of small business to close down and larger companies to lay off.

Anonymous said...

You cannot legislate prosperity when you undermine the system that brought about that prosperity. The best way to raise wages is to remove barriers to business formation and to make hiring workers less burdensome.

The business that washes my windows charges about $50 per hour for arguably low skill workers and with minimal capital investment. H&R Block pays many of its tax preparers less than $15 per hour yet probably charges $150 per hour for their time. Remove barriers to business formation and maybe some of these low paid workers can form their own businesses, at the very least the demand for employment would increase.

Anonymous said...

There's no chance the Missouri Supremes are going to overturn these statues, but at least it provides yet another excuse for the folks who don't know how to do much of anything other than protesting something to march around until the next event somewhere in the country provides the next reason to be "outraged".
Thinking you can substitute tweeting and protesting for serious well-informed engagement in local government and actually registering and voting is a joke perpetrated on the lazy and uninformed.
What are you protesting today?
What'a you got?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ I pay almost that for window washing but to be honest unless I do it myself hard to find cheaper. It costs me $45 to have all my front glass done inside and out once a month. Takes them around an hour a crew of three but when you look at their truck with all the ladders and stuff on it I'm sure that costs per hour to operate plus I'm betting due to the ladder climbing they pay a higher insurance rate on employees than I do.

Twerked and Jerked Out Nation said...

There are not enough living wage jobs for even half of the working-age citizens we've got in this country.

Immigration, technology and various other causes have rendered low-skilled labor worth less than an any time in this nation's history.

Gird your loins folks, things are about to get very interesting in the US.

Anonymous said...

And you people wonder why the poor hate you?

Anonymous said...

You're pretty naive if you think the haves give it even a moment's consideration.

Anonymous said...

Just returned from Arkansas, where a McDonald's already has two kiosk's up. $15/hour will cause folks to lose their jobs as machines will automate a great many of the tasks. Drinks for the Drive Thru are already poured by a "system." I guess the kiosk's will be great for customers . . . Certainly fewer mistakes. Imagine ordering through an app? Either way, less humans on the payroll. Good job, unions (whose income will falter due to laid off members)!

Anonymous said...

^^Do you think the poor will just quietly starve to death, or do you think they will turn to robbing the middle class?

Will these kiosk's ask, "Do you want crime with those fries?"

You can not win this class/race war you're waging against Blacks.

In the end, you are hurting yourself...

VoteKC said...

I'd like to see this put to a vote. If it was a petition, then let it come before voters and have KC decide. That's the most Democratic way to deal with this issue.

Anonymous said...

This is suicide. People are not going to pay $9 for a whopper or $3.25 for a Taco especially when just outside the city limits will result in an all you can each lunch buffet.

Anonymous said...

FACT : Closed Down fast food joint locations already


Front Street WEST of I-435 several closed down fast food joints on the South Side of Front Street boarded up and closed, include:






Also Taco Bell Boarded up closed at 40 hi-way east of sterling

Chucky Cheeses closed boarded up at I-70 & Noland Road

I've already seen several others closed boarded up tho I can't remember their locations,,,,

Enjoy it, reap what you sow fools !!!

Going to protest for that 15 an hour,,,,,

Yet I don't see 1 of you protesting about the RECENT HUGE Spike in KCMO WATER BILLS or the New KCP&L rate increase set to take effect next spring for Missouri customers !!!!!

IF you get that 15 an hour,,,, they are just going to TAKE it right back away from you, between the utilities and their rate increases and the CITY of KCMO thru taxes figure it out yet ?????

The CITY of KCMO Sly James and his Degenerate Minions would love to see you get 15 an hour,,,,,
that would mean the CITY could TAP into your PAYCHECK even more and TAKE AWAY what they gave you to support the Bozo's & Clowns at city hall, tho they'll lie and tell you its for City services , which it isn't really but it sounds good to the Naïve clueless fools who'll believe whatever their told !!!!

So, yes they'll advovate for for you getting it - SO - only they can turn right back around and take it right back away thru TAXES , higher Fees for city water and anything else they can attach a TAX too, that's how Socialism works, thru lies and false manipulation, into Decieving those into thinking their actually getting something, when in FACT, in the end your really NOT, and you'll end up right back where you started or worse off, before they gave you anything !!!

As the old saying goes - you don't get something for nothing, without a catch to it, Young ones, time to wake up & grow up face reality !

Anonymous said...

There is only one place you grow the ethic to go to school and learn the skills to get and hold jobs and it starts at home with mom and dad. Of you are raised one of the two cultures that have a 50 percent and 80 percent illegitimate birth rate your chances of even knowing who your daddy is are slim. The point is don't shot the messenger or bite the hands that feed you. Do something to involve change in your own culture that will help stop the cycle that leads to no skills jobs and forces you to accept that you aren't going to be a brain surgeon after quitting high school so that your kids might someday have a chance. There is a whole society out here waiting for you to join up. Are you going to act or whine?

Anonymous said...

We can't keep declaring war on people who obviously want to work. If McDonald's has to raise the prices of their crap. Good. We need to pay people a fair wage.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Clown - Those Front St food joints have been closed for years and have nothing to do with this issue. You're also forgetting the Burger King on Front St & I-435 that is now a car lot.
Fact is, at a food joint where smug, entry-level workers are making $15 per hour, you get the same garbage-food quality and horrible 'customer service' from millennials that are considering going on strike for $25 per hour soon.

Robot burgers and self serve drank said...

Ill take a robot burger over some surly black broad who looks like she ate all the fries in the county. Nothing like qualeesha or janeeqwa mumbling in the drive thru and still fucking up my order.

Anonymous said...

Artificial intelligence may take all our jobs.