Thursday, July 07, 2016


The fine ass of rising star Nina Agdal serves as a juxtaposition of the rage against a rising tide of water rates that's currently reaching the boiling point.

Check this community reminder sent our way . . .

Community Speak-Out Set For July 9 Against KCMO Water Rate Hike

(Kansas City, Mo.) -- Organizing to fight the recent increase in KCMO's water rates will be one of the topics at a community speak-out on Saturday, July 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Quilombo Community Center, 3504 Woodland Ave.

"Many people who pay water bills in Kansas City, Mo., may understandably feel hopeless and think that nothing can be done about the higher rates they are now being forced to pay for water," said JoNina Ervin, coordinator of the Right2Water Coalition--KCMO, which is sponsoring the speak-out. "People all over the country are waging fights to stop high water rates in their cities--in Flint, Mich., Birmingham, Ala., Yorba Linda, Calif., and elsewhere. If we get organized, we could it, too, in Kansas City," Ervin said.

During the speak-out, people who pay KCMO water bills will have a chance to talk about the economic impact of the new water rates on their households. There will also be discussion about possible steps that could be taken to delay or stop the local rate hike, and even require the city to put such projects before voters through a referendum process.

The coalition, a newly formed watchdog group, maintains that the higher water rates are not affordable for many seniors and poor and low-income residential customers. Churches and other non-profit groups provide some financial assistance to customers who need help paying their water bills, but help is not always available to everyone who needs it. Further, the assistance plan is a one-time fix, not something that could help customers pay higher rates each month.

"In Kansas City, Mo., residential water customers who are poor or have low incomes are being subjected to utility rate discrimination. Many of them could have their water shut off if they can't pay their bills," Ervin said.

Kansas City's water infrastructure needs repair because of years of neglect and mismanagement by city officials, according to the coalition. It maintains that the burden of paying for the repairs is being unfairly imposed on residential customers. In addition, Ervin said, city officials have failed to provide a clear accounting of the specifics of how much it will cost to repair the water system. Instead, she added, city officials provide tepid responses to questions about the new water rates, giving no real explanation.

"Ratepayers cannot back a plan in which they have no substantive input or participation, but are just told to pay higher and higher fees. This is public money, and city officials need to clearly account for how it is being spent to the people who pay their user fees and other bills," Ervin said.


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Anonymous said...

second that bring in a independent auditor

Anonymous said...

Water services is where all the horrible employees are placed. It's the city dump for human resources. No wonder it runs horribly.

Anonymous said...

damn that Nina's got a fine ass.

Anonymous said...

Fire Pat Klein, Sean Demory and Amelia McIntyre.

Anonymous said...

The water Dept. Is city halls slush fund. With no accountability, the water depart. is able to pay millions of dollars to the streetcar fund and charge all taxpayers for the work not just those in the TDD. Now we're seeing KCPL raising their rates for the same purpose. This is how they get the whole city to pay for the streetcar while only allowing a few people to vote on it.

Anonymous said...

Drain the tank at City Hall, please.

Bob said...

"In Kansas City, Mo., residential water customers who are poor or have low incomes are being subjected to utility rate discrimination." As I understand it, they are charged the same rate as everybody else. How is that discrimination?

Anonymous said...



Captain Blueballs is about to set anchor and plunder that booty!!!

Anonymous said...

Neglect and mismanagement followed by upside-down priorities for spending public money for decades.
Pretty well sums up KCMO city government yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
All aboard!

Anonymous said...

I 've been saying an AUDIT for years - as well as an through Investigation to those at KCMO City Hall, right up to and including the Mayor !!!

KCP&L is now announcing a fairly large RATE Increase too !!

Its getting way out of hand - and I do NOT believe at all its for services , more like the CEO's and Corporate Executives are lining their pockets as well as shareholders !

Keep this in mind, when the last time you heard of one of these Utilities laying off, or cutting hours , or Benefits ????

I can't think of any !!!

Won't be long before before your average electric Bill is $800.00 to $1500.00 a month,,,, not including other utilities you have to pay too, like the outrageous water bill,, to hit ya !!

The MISSOURI PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION in Jefferson City, Missouti also needs to be looked into and investigated !!

I Researched who sits on that board down there - SHOCKING !!!

Appears their in the hip pockets of some utility officials evidently , why the rate hikes keep getting constantly approved !!!

Corruption & Fraud !!!!!!! you bet your ass there is !!!

Anonymous said...

FYI - KCMO secretly provides sewer services to parts of Mission Hills and Leawood, KS. KCMO sends unmarked trucks over there for service problems.

KCMO sells water to as many as 20+ other municipalities.

How much have the rates gone up for the above?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Northlander said...

Rates keep going up till 2023 sewer will increase every year at 15%
Looks like a lot of people will go back to the farm days with one bath a week.

Northlander said...

With no audit on the water dept people might guess that the extra money is paying for the TIF projects

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what people in other municipalities pay for water. I just read that water rates in Riverside and Parkville are going DOWN 20%. Something is terribly wrong with the KC Water Department and it needs to be thoroughly audited and investigated.

Anonymous said...

I live in one of the burbs. I take at least on shower a day. Wash my car, water the lawn, etc. My water without sewer runs about 35 bucks a month.

Anonymous said...

I think the consensus here is that we need an audit of the water department. An outside independent audit.