Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Strong words from one of the strongest light rail advocates the nation has ever seen and the only guy to win a citywide KCMO rail transit vote in the modern era. Check the latest word from Clay Chastain:

Chastain challenges city attorney to offer proof light rail petition "could be illegal"

On July 20,2016 City Attorney, Bill Geary, testified before the Council's Finance Committee declaring the light rail petition "could be illegal." Yes, and the sun "could" not come up tomorrow.

Geary has had the light rail petition for 6- months to review and still could not tell this council body why he thinks the petition could be illegal. Mr. Geary, are you employing baseless propaganda to try and scare the public into not voting for the light rail petition?

Then our devious public servant went on to remind the council that ballot proposals that the city deems illegal can be repealed after the fact (election). Mr. Geary, are you trying to orchestrate yet another repeal by Kansas City's Government of a voter-approved light rail petition?

Mr. Geary, I request that you attend my news conference (July 28 at 2:45 P.M. outside the council's chamber and before the council votes on whether to place the light rail petition on the November ballot) to tell the council, media, me, and the public why you think the light rail petition "could be illegal."

Mr. Geary, do not be afraid to discuss this issue in the presence of someone who refutes your dubious contention. After all, you are the experienced, all-powerful and all knowing city attorney, and I the lowly crackpot engineer who writes light rail plans on the backs of napkins.

We the people are going to win this light rail election and build a heralded and successful light rail-based public transportation system for our city, whether the Sly James' Administration likes it or not.

Clay Chastain... degree electrical engineer, leader of the light rail petition, and part-time resident and registered voter of Kansas City, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Worst case scenario. Clay and the light rail extension win. That's what's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

At least clay's plan makes more sense than ruining the plaza with the streetcar line. That plan will destroy every business that it touches. So far it has done NOTHING to help the small bushiness that aren't getting tax subsidy in the river market.

Bob said...

12:17 - there is no light rail so far; it is not possible to extend what isn't.

Go For KC said...

We need better public transportation to the airport, that would do a lot to make our city world class. I think that's really what we should be working on. Maybe Clay can help with that? Or we can use that part of his plan. We should work toward solutions instead of constantly fighting. That's what leadership is about!

Anonymous said...

The streetcar will KILL ALL THE BUSINESSES ON THE PLAZA, just like EBOLA and the STABBINGS already did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like it KILLED ALL THE RESTAURANTS DOWNTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND ALL THE BICCYCLISTS WHO IT KILLED DONt forGet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

^^^^ Mensa boy is working through some issues. Thank you for providing him some affordable therapy TKC.

Anonymous said...

I support Clay, not the streetcar.

Anonymous said...

Americans should raze Kansas City & start over.