Saturday, July 16, 2016


Tonight we want to share just a few things our blog community has learned about life in Kansas City that might help readers during what has been one of the most violent and contentious Summer seasons in the past decade.

Remember that murders are still at a 5-year-high in Kansas City amid Summer 2016 and the remainder of July and August have typically been the most violent according to this town's tragic tradition.

To wit . . .


Take a look:

Look Up From Pokémon Go Occasionally

Whilst local media touts safety concerns there's simply something to be said for focusing on something besides a screen during the day . . . Especially in traffic. Going out to play video games might be an expression of the lowest expectations the world has ever seen and that's strangely admirable. Rather than hate on the game like all the geezers, we simply want enthusiasts to live to play another day and stay focused on their surroundings as well.

Sunscreen: Still A Good Idea

There's a debate about cancer and sunscreen that's worth watching. But in the meantime, avoiding a burn is still the best idea until the science is settled . . . Again, this tidbit is really just about keeping it simple. 

Give Politics A Rest Once In Awhile

So many talking heads and social media chatter have given us what might be the worst Presidential choice the nation has seen in the modern era. And while these two-sides of a devalued coin create strong emotions and tragic campaign signs, sometimes it's important to take a breather between rants for the sake of friends, family and variety.

Leave Westport Early

Being the last group of people at any bar is lame. Shutting down a drinking establishment is only for barflies and the tragically lonely . . . There's nothing wrong with calling it a night early and the secret here is that people who leave the party before last call always seem more interesting than anybody else.

Drink Water

Again, a simple bit advice that's so often forgotten but will help just about everybody. To avoid Summer heat, for better skin and just because it's a healthier option than coffee, soda, tea or any other carbonated high fructose corn-syrup poison constantly marketed to unsuspecting consumers . . . Drinking more water is never a bad idea.

And so . . .

We encourage the smarter denizens of our blog community to offer their sage wisdom for Kansas City Summer survival!!!

Meanwhile, our VERY SIMPLE TKC SUMMER 2016 TIPS should help our readers make it out of this time of year alive as the political discourse grows more contentious and local streets seem even more violent.

And all this has inspired our playlist tonight . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

can only agree that ranting on facebook about pokemon is kind of a contradiction.

Anonymous said...

Just clamp a clothespin on your nose for the next three and half years and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...


When Summer swallowed up the Dark Knight.

What the gay Jamaican street hustler was offering: Poke mon Go

Lucy Pinder's jubblies are shagadelic!

A President and First Lady, and a couple of perjurers!

Jordan straddles the hardwood to quench her thirst.

Erin receives the TKC basement baptism.

Anonymous said...

It is probably not too much of an exaggeration to say that spooks run both Facebook and Google – especially given that the CIA invested in both companies when they were just beginning.

Anonymous said...

Bernays and Goebbels would be impressed with Pokemon.

Turn something into a Video Game, and you've stimulated the pleasure centers of most Westerners (Japanese and Americans) to do almost anything.

Anonymous said...

best piece of advise; leave the bars early! I agree with everything Tony said on this subject,but I'll add one more warning about it-- getting so polluted and walking around Westport with your buds or alone ,like you're all warm and safe ,is an easy way to be relieved of any possessions you have with you ,including your car and maybe even your life...don't get too drunk , it'll make you feel too comfy..leàve early

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You give your best and it shows and I appreciate the voice you give and ha at TKC.

Advice for KC voters said...

Don't believe everything that comes out of city hall. They aren't interested in what's best for the city. Only themselves. Voters need to question and make our elected officials prove what they say. Demand accountability and more action. That's the only way we can really turn out city around.

Anonymous said...

Don't wallow in fear.

Go to Google Translate. Type in black man and ask for Welsh translation.

Laughing SO hard right now!

Anonymous said...

Being anywhere near Westport or P & L after dusk is certainly a death sentence , or slow bleeding due to the stab wounds ! Blacks wanna kill the funky white boy !

Gordon Gekkko said...

From the Bar to the Boardroom, literally and metaphorically, watch your six. If you have serious enemies, with few exceptions, that is where they will approach. Always have a plan and never overestimate yourself, or, underestimate your opponent.

Dialogue is for the movies, if you are in harms way, shoot or punch first and use any weapon available. This ain't the Golden Gloves. Shoot center mass, or, punch all the way through while shifting your weight. Bar fights are almost always 15 to 60 seconds unless you are in a parking lot. If you are in a parking lot, remember, it is 80% wind. Find some space and let the other guy swing at first.

In the Boardroom, you should have acquired allies and strategies that have you in the field of fire. If someone is not trying to kill you off, you are not doing your job. "Team Building" rhetoric is for beta male/female canon fodder. Usually, someone has to die, get fired, moved side ways, intimidated etc. etc. for you to advance.

Greed is good, Capitalism is great and Hard work is the lubricant of the Panzer Tank that is you.

You want a friend? Get a fuckin dog. I love them, they are great.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to recommend a n ex military grade German Shepard , goes to chomp off chimp balls on demand !

Anonymous said...