Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Kansas City Tuesday Link Layout

For the early evening, we want to share just a few more links worth a peek today. Checkit:

Kansas City Cop Killer As (Not) Seen From The Floor Of Some Dude's Truck
New video, by driver trapped in truck, emerges from Sunday's Baton Rouge officer shootings
KCK Grieves For Fallen Captain
Condolences pour in after KCK police captain slain
We Talked This One Previously . . .
Metro women say homophobia behind attack at Lenexa bar
Law Enforcement Shooting Aftermath
Clay County Sheriff: Not changing protocol but on high alert
Rage In The Suburbs
Road rage incident lands woman behind bars in Mission
Golden Ghetto Garbage Chatter
Talking trash: Johnson County homeowners say Deffenbaugh hasn't picked up trash in weeks
From Kansas City's Most Hated Foodie
El Pollo Rey - All they Yums
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Anonymous said...

We missing any news about Sly's habitual lying and corruption or is he just laying low?

Anonymous said...

It appears Lenexa PD isn't convinced the two so called victims story is correct. Now it's a hate crime? Thats the trouble with bullshit, it always stinks.

Anonymous said...

"Metro women say homophobia behind attack at Lenexa bar"

So according to the club manager the video and the security staff contradict much of what these two women claim and that that the scrap was between two women, the security people say the hitting involved two women and none of that is included in your Post Tony.

The club tossed the fighters just like every other bar in town with bouncers would. But instead of stating the facts we go out of or way to try and put a bar out of business because we didn't get stroked like we wanted. Now Someone is having a stress reaction and pulling preliminary civil action bullshit.

Can you gay folks just tell the facts without your hormones fucking up the truth? What was the bar supposed to do once there was an alcohol fueled fight, call the U.S. Marshals and blast the bitches with an AR-15? Let the cop be Dick Tracy and stick to objective facts for crying out loud. There is already enough bullshit in this blog to grow a planet of corn.

Bars have altercations all the damn time and someone with an alligator mouth and a parakeet ass often gets their butt kicked. That is what happens with a mix of booze, bullshit and the dilution of judgement.

Someone is going to get hold of a copy of the video and it smells like two little "victims" could turn out to be liars. We will know soon enough. It could also be that people were so shit faced the don't correctly remember what the hell was going on or who did what to who.

Tony, don't go worsening your credibility by picking sides in a drunken scrap at a bar where your friends might turn out to be total flakes or simply drunken broads with vindictive intentions. This is a ship that needs to sink or sail on its own.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ fight clip?

Anonymous said...

Damn son, why do need to believe so much that they aren't telling the truth?

Blame the victim, doubt the victim, its the american way.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans chanted, "Lock Her Up", even though she's never been convicted of a crime, because they don't believe in the 'rule of law'; they believe in the lynch mob. Appropriate considering how racist they are. But, completely unacceptable. Thankfully, the Republican Party is dying.

Anonymous said...

12:05 Because I am not a little upward mobile preppie shit robot. A moron can read the available press info on the story and smell a rat and the posturing these gals are attempting is a huge clue.

Stop being guided by your hormones, develop some objectivity and look at this situation. If it walks, quacks, shits like a duck it is a fucking duck. This in not rocket science. I am sure enough that I have no problem predicting that there will be no charges against anyone, unless the "victims" are charged. The scenario just does not pass the smell test.

Instead of trying to make yourself look good by busting my balls how 'bout you watch how the case goes and learn something.

Anonymous said...

2:53 You'd do much better commenting on something you know anything about....which doesn't seem to be much.

Anonymous said...

8:31, you'll have to show me where I'm wrong; just telling me I'm wrong & stupid makes you look stupid.

8:29, 'the smell test', bullshit, you don't pass the smell test.

"I am not a little upward mobile preppie shit robot."

Neither am I, you homophobic piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

11:24 I love how you little tweerpie princesses get your panties all in a bunch when you can't find a sucker to buy into your gay gay agenda bullshit, especially when you are a little puke lying cocksucker with an alligator mouth and parakeet pussy ass. I don't have to prove anything. Obviously you are too fucking dumb, inexperienced or hormone driven to see all the holes in this joke of a story. Believe as you wish and watch and learn - if you are capable of learning.