Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Kansas City Thursday Link Look

Brit hottie Beth Lily started her career across the pond but now represents all the American goodness that dominates the Internets as she beings the Kansas City Thursday news cycle that starts in the early morning and reminds us of the KICK-ASS CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED FREEDOM which we enjoy . . .

Now check the links that get us underway . . .

Kansas City Helping Hands
Good Samaritans witness danger of gasoline fire when neighbor suffers serious burns
Rugrat Bad Math Teaching Moment
Kansas City daycare owner accused of faking attendance numbers to steal government funds
Turning The Lights Back On . . .
Crews work to restore power lost in Wednesday morning's storms
Coping With Kansas City Tragedy
Nearly one year after KC girl's death, mom remembers unimaginable final goodbye
Developing Northeast KCMO Story
Independence Avenue special overlay district passes through committee
Kansas City Comeback?!?!
Brookside East development gives new energy to stretch of 63rd Street
Remembering The Kansas City Old School
Christmas in July
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


You spelled Internets wrong Tony

Better get a check up to see if you've caught the millennial virus

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City daycare owner accused of faking attendance numbers to steal government funds"

If the guy wanted to get away with it he should have went over to Vatterott College. The defrauded State and Federal funds for a long time and barely got bitch slapped when they were caught

Anonymous said...

Or been a board member of the late Hope Academy (Board Chairman Al Brooks)which was caught by a surprise state audit of faking attendance to the tune of $1.3 million.
None of which could then be accounted for.
Is it good for the children?