Monday, July 25, 2016

The Kansas City Fringe Fest Challenge

A nice note from Tracy dares us to witness a standout production among the mostly self-indulgent Fringe Fest . . . We won't decline immediately but it's probably not on high on our 'to-do' list. Take a look:


JoCoPost said...

Thanks, Tony--let me know what you think. Remember, there is probably a bonus performance Sunday at 1:30.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Cringe fest. Hep C, bad tattoos, obesity, and desperation.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tony not high on any list I have.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a lap dance

Super Dave said...

If you must go Tony skip the Been Finn foo foo stuf and go see Bumps and Grinds: The Golden Age of Burlesque. This is a show I know you will enjoy very much.

JoCoPost said...

Now Super Dave, I appreciate your recommendation to Tony. I would state that Been Finn is definitely not foo foo. Hope you see it before you put it down.

Tonight I saw Two by Tennessee Williams--two never performed one act plays by America's most famous playwright. VERY good, at Arts Asylum, 9th & Troost...a converted former KCMO public school.

I also spoke with UMKC's favorite professor of theatre, the great actor Ted Swetz, who daughter Abigail Swetz, teaches 8th grade in Madison Wi. She is producing a 60 minute show at the Unicorn about how she has thrown out political correctness and the obsession with a nationally mandated curriculum--in favor of actually teaching and relating. "An Uncommon Core/The Daring Spoken Word Journey of One 8th Grade Classroom" can be seen at the Unicorn, 3828 Main, Wed. July 27 at 7:30 and Sat. July 30 at 9pm.

JoCoPost said...

Now Tuesday, here's one Tony could come see, and sit next to me:
Pissing on the Great Wall. Westport CoffeeHouse, 6:30 pm.

Fringe has grown so popular around the country, there are now travelling minstrels and actors and stand-up comics working the circuit. This one comes from Maximum Verbosity Productions in St. Louis Park MN.

"A cranky Chinese-American returns to the Middle Kingdom in the midst of a new identity crisis. Whether beating the streets of Beijing in pursuit of a stolen backpack, or confronting Communism in an Emperor's tomb, engaging in a battle of wits with OVERZEALOUS TOUR GUIDES, or performing a PIG SACRIFICE IN HIS ANCESTRAL VILLAGE, the champion of negative thought returns since his hit performance here in 2010."

What's not to love, Tony??? I bet this comic is one of your Anonymous commenters!

Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas said...

Well, SuperDave was right. The burlesque show beat out Been Finn for highest ticket sales at Just Off Broadway. SuperDave has the pulse of what Kansas Citians think is entertaining.