Friday, July 29, 2016

The Kansas City Fernanda Friday Morning

And so, we start this end of the week morning with Fernanda Ferrari and a first review of the worthwhile Kansas City morning links for the moment.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Football Warm Up
Chiefs announce special events for fans during training camp
Kansas City Equal Access Public Transit
RideKC Transit will offer free bus rides for paratransit users
Golden Ghetto Scare Story
Residents in Roeland Park neighborhood recount dramatic conclusion of police pursuit
Meth Town Falling Apart
Stretch of East 23rd Street in Independence partially collapses after water main break
Cowtown Creative Class Anxiety
Coming Together Out of 'Desperation,' Kansas City Playwrights Confront Fear Of Failure
Posted Previously Now Dead Line Updated
159-year-old Union Hill Cemetery joins National Register of Historic Places
No Chance Of Making The Playoffs
Kansas City Royals done in by Moreland's homers in 3-2 loss to Texas Rangers
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Fernanda Ferrari prefers cockpit seats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't lose sight of the FACTS, guys: if it wasn't for the toy train, the Royals would be in first place and a lock for a repeat World Series victory.